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Sentry Software is proud to announce that EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL is now inscribed to the long list of storage monitoring solutions that fully integrate with TrueSight Operations Mgmt!



This new solution leverages XtremIO Manager Server to collect the following information about your EMC XtremIO storage systems:

  • Battery Backup Units: charge, current load, real power, status, etc.
  • Clusters: available capacity, data traffic, status, etc.
  • Controllers: traffic, health status, operation rates, etc.
  • Disk Arrays Enclosures: status, severity level of current alerts
  • Physical Disks: number of bad sectors detected, status, data traffic, etc.
  • Ports: bandwidth utilization, errors, link failures, synchronization losses, status, response time, data traffic, etc.
  • Power Supply Units: input power, level of current alerts, status, power failures, etc.
  • Volumes: capacity, data traffic, response time, time since last activity, etc.
  • XtremIO Management Servers: processor utilization, managed clusters, memory usage, collection status.
  • X-Bricks: severity level of current alerts, status.



Wait no more! Download the solution on Sentry’s Website.