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Veritas File System KM for PATROL (and for TrueSight Operations Mgmt) v2.2.00 is now available to download. This new version includes the following features, improvements, and fixed issues:

  • VFS-127: Veritas File System KM for PATROL now monitors each collector execution time through the following inactive parameters:
    • VFS_FILESYSTEM_CONTAINER: VFSFileSystemCollectorExecTime, VFSFragmentationCollectorExecTime, VFSQioFileCollectorExecTime, VFSQuotaCollectorExecTime
    • VFS_LOG_CONTAINER: VFSLogCollectorExecTime
  • VFS-112: Veritas File System KM for PATROL has been improved to support all PATROL Agent v10+ versions as well as BMC TrueSight Operations Management v10.x.
  • VFS-129: All configuration menus (File Systems, Fragmentations, Quick I/O Files, and Quotas) now support regular expressions.
  • VFS-124: Invalid alarms were triggered on the VFSLoginStatus parameter (VFS_SERVER) when the Veritas File System KM was unable to check the active node, during multi-node mode monitoring.

Read the product's Release Notes for an exhaustive list of changes, improvements, and fixed issues.