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BMC just announced the release of TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7. This new version comes with many new features and improvements for the Storage ETLs and the Storage views. Here are some key features:


All Storage Views in TrueSight Console

For enriched user-experience, the following Storage views have been migrated to the TrueSight Console:


Hosts View


With the Hosts view, administrators can verify the capacity initially allocated to hosts and determine the capacity that is consumed by each host.


Storage Systems View


The Storage Systems view displays capacity information for all the storage systems, storage pools, volumes, hosts, filers and shares present in a SAN.


NetApp Systems View


The NetApp Systems view is for the NetApp Data ONTAP ETL users who want the NetApp specific terminology to be used in views.


A New Supported Platform: EMC XtremIO

The new ETL EMC XtremIO Management Server ETL for TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides capacity and performance metrics for all the EMC XtremIO systems available in a SAN. This ETL is fully supported by the Storage views.


New Capacity Metrics

To provide more capacity information, new metrics have been added to the following ETLs:

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