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BMC Software and Sentry Software recently announced the End of Life for SharePoint KM for PATROL. For all our customers who wish to continue monitoring their SharePoint environment, we provide a substitute product: Monitoring Studio.


What’s Monitoring Studio?
Monitoring Studio is a Knowledge Module for PATROL and BMC TrueSight Operations Mgmt that can monitor almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the-box monitoring solution. In a few clicks and without any coding, 100% of technologies can be covered in the BMC monitoring environment.


How to Monitor SharePoint with Monitoring Studio?

sharepoint_with_MS.pngTo help administrators monitor their SharePoint 2013 environment, Sentry has created a specific configuration to be imported in Monitoring Studio.

Among many other features, this specific configuration monitors:

  • Content Database(s)
  • Event logs
  • Performance metrics
  • Windows processes
  • All the SharePoint Service instances of the entire SharePoint farm
  • The HTTP availability and status of all the sites in Microsoft IIS.
  • All the Application Pools in Microsoft IIS and their corresponding Windows processes.
  • The status of the SharePoint Services (IIS ADMIN Service, SharePoint Administration Service, SharePoint Search Host Controller Service, SharePoint Timer Service, SharePoint Tracing Service, World Wide Web Publishing Service).


Please note that this pre-built configuration can be customized to suit any specific need.


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