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The latest version of Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL is now available to download. It includes major new features and improvements, such as:

  • Nagios Plugins Integration: Full monitoring of metrics resulting from a local or remote Nagios plugin execution via the new Nagios Plugin Monitor.
  • Nagios configuration: Import of entire Nagios configurations into BMC TrueSight Operations Management.
  • E-mail alert actions configuration through CMA by configuring the SMTP server and Group Alert Actions in CMA.
  • Remote UNIX/Linux host monitoring: Possibility to use private key and passphrase-based SSH authentication for connecting to remote UNIX/Linux hosts.
  • Host Cloning: To replicate monitoring settings from one host to another. This feature greatly facilitates the set-up of several hosts that need to be monitored in a similar manner.


Read the product’s Release Notes for an exhaustive list of changes, improvements and fixed issues.

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