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Sentry Software is proud to announce that Monitoring Studio 9.1.00 is available to download. It includes many new features and improvements as well as several fixed issues, such as:

  • Export/Import Configuration: It is now possible to back up an entire Monitoring Studio configuration, or export a single Group configuration with cleared host information, credentials, or Group Constants to create a Monitoring Studio template which can easily be customized when importing it on another monitored system.
  • SNMP Polling: Monitoring Studio supports SNMP v2c and v3.
  • Database Query Analysis: Oracle Exadata databases are now supported.
  • Command Lines Analysis: It is possible to execute a command locally on the PATROL Agent while monitoring a remote host.
  • Files and Folders Remote Monitoring: The path of the file or folder to monitor supports environment variables.

» Read the product’s Release Notes for an exhaustive list of changes, improvements and fixed issues.