The latest version of BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware is now available to download. It includes:

New connectors:

  • IBM AIX - usysfault: Reports the status of the System Attention LED and triggers an alert when this LED is turned on.
  • IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC): Monitors the overall health of IBM AIX servers through the Hardware Management Console (HMC).
  • HDS USP/VSP Storage Systems: Reports on the status of Hitachi HDS USP/VSP Storage Systems.


  • The SMI-S Compliant HBAs connector now reports on link speed and statistics.
  • The property propertynet.sentrysoftware.bpm.hardware.disabledConnectors can now be applied to all hosts.

Fixed Issues:

  • Logical Disk (LUN) monitoring is no longer performed with the SMI-S HBA Connector to avoid duplicate LUN instances.
  • HP Servers Running ESX: Disk controllers and their batteries are now properly discovered even when no information on their model or serial number is available.
  • IBM AIX Servers:
    • The monitoring of the network cards could cause network delays.
    • Power failures were not detected on IBM AIX servers. To solve this issue, the IBM AIX - Common connector has been updated and two new connectors have been created: IBM AIX - usysfault and IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC).

This new version includes many more new features and enhancements.

Read the product’s Release Notes for an exhaustive list of fixed issues.