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This post explains how to verify the port on which JBoss Server is running in your environment. While configuring, Java MBean polling for BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio one may need to know the default port on which JBoss is running and one can find the relevant procedure listed over here.

How to proceed

  1. Open a browser and enter:

http://nameofserver/jmx-console/ . (Over here name of server = the name of the server in your environment)

For e.g. in my environment it is: http://portal-29/jmx-console/


You shall be redirected to a new page as shown below:


     2.       Please enter the credentials of the administrator to log in. Verify the username and password with your admins before.

                Normally after logging in, you shall get a page similar to this below:


    3.      Scroll down on your left till you find Jboss.

             Click on Jboss and you shall get a page like the one stated below:




    4.     Click on service=Naming and you shall get a page like the one stated below. Try to find the value for Port. For us it corresponds to 9379. Use the value which shows in your browser.


           This is the listening port for bootstrap JNP. Please use this port number in BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring  Studio monitoring for connectivity.


           I hope this post shall help all the users who are using BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio for JAVA MBean Polling :-)