Updated 26 June 2015:  Migration complete!

Updated 19 June 2015:  We have successful migrated our RemedyForce Ideas with the exception of 2 ideas that we are not able to process the stage updates,  1010 Ideas processed perfectly and 2 Ideas through error codes in our API call.  All the Ideas created in RemedyForce this week are processing as expected.  Given we have not been able to find the root cause of the 2 errors we have decided to push migration for the remaining Products communities until 26 June 2015. I should note that the 2 Ideas having errors with the API are not negatively impacted in the community and we have manually adjusted the stages to the updated process.


BMC Community Ideas have been listening to your "ideas" on how we can improve and we are excited to share the details of the process improvements planned for later this month.  We have been working with community members, R&D, BMC IT, and many of you directly to define and execute on improvements to the Ideas process. Current plans are to implement the improvements for BMC Remedyforce on June 12th with our other forums that accept ideas following on June 19th 26th.   I'll share some details below to bring everyone up to date on the project.


Ideas baseics.png

Planned Improvements


Clearer Expectations

Ideas process, timeline and expectations communicated at time of Idea submission


Increased Responsiveness and Communication

Timely responses for ALL Ideas

Automated messages based on defined thresholds:

  • When an Idea reaches a score triggering Product Management consideration (top 15%)
  • Warning that an Idea is below threshold after 3 months and tips to increase score
  • Update that the Idea is Not Planned if score is below 50% after 3 months

Commitment to active response from Product Management for top 15% of Ideas during release planning and other Ideas as warranted


Greater Visibility

Additional stage names to more clearly communicate where Idea is within the process:  New, Below Review Threshold, On Roadmap, Coming in Next Release, Not Planned



It is important to note that this process is focused on our product forums so while the stages are available to all the community ideas we will be providing the automated review and notifications for product related forums that feed into our release planning.


During the launch of these improvements in the product forums will migrate all Active staged ideas into the New stage for 4 days in order to trigger notifications which detail the process improvements.  After the migration, ideas will still be created with a default stage of Active and will convert to the New stage a few hours later at which time the author will receive a notification containing details of the Ideas process. Additional notifications will be sent as an idea progresses based on score (voting / points) so for the next few months you will see your ideas progress based on the process diagram above.


I would like to say THANK YOU! for your input and support in our efforts to continually improve BMC Ideas.