Before you jump into the details below on how to review and change your privacy settings you may want to review

Have you checked your online privacy recently?

by Matt Laurenceau which has details that I'm using in this post.


For each attribute of your profile, you'll be able to pick:

  • Everyone: anybody can see
  • Registered Users: only users with an account on BMC Communities can see
  • Friends: only users flagged as friends can see
  • Yourself: only you can see

Some Guidelines:

  • In order to make it easy for others to learn from you and interact with you, most attributes (with a Value) should be set to Everyone,
  • Perhaps a couple set to Registered Users (things that only the BMC Community needs to know)
  • If you share very personal things on some attributes, Connections is a good pick.
  • Yourself makes sense for email as an example, or for attributes with no value for now.


Let's get started in the how to:

Be sure to login to the community.  You can limit who sees different parts of your profile by using profile privacy settings.

  • Click your avatar in the upper right corner to view your profile.
  • Click Edit profile & privacy in the Actions menu.
  • Click Privacy Settings.
  • For each profile field, select the type of user who can view it. If you select everyone, then all users can see the contents of that field. Make sure you don't hide too much about yourself because that's how others will connect with you. Your admin may control who sees certain fields, such as those without a Visible to... option.

Note: You can take a look at how others will see your profile by using the Preview your profile tool to the right. Just select the person whose view of your profile you want to see.

  • Click Save if you are still on the Privacy Settings page.


The screen shots below will walk you through the profile and privacy screens.


Click on your name to get a drop down box of options:


Click on Edit profile & privacy:


You are presented with a tabbed view to edit your profile and privacy settings.  If you include your BMC Support ID we will use it for our internal reporting.  The Support ID is not directly integrated to your BMC Support accounts and only used for reporting at this point.


Once you have your profile set-up you click on privacy settings tab:


If you need to lock every field down Yourself you have that option.  Community best practices would encourage you to share as much detail as you and your company allow.


You may come back and make updates as needed.