The following information will increase understanding of your Idea to other community members and is helpful for product management when reviewing an Idea.

When creating an Idea these best practices get results:

Idea Title

  • Short header that is eye catching and descriptive of your Idea

A Short summary in Idea body

  • What is the business need? Focus on the what, not the how

Reason for Enhancement:

  • Scenario: Give the business use case that illustrates why the request is important. Include as much detail as possible to fully illustrate the background.
  • What is the challenge that initiated this request?
  • Would this feature improve the availability of any of your critical business applications/services? If so, please explain.
  • Would this feature improve the productivity of your IT department? If 'yes' please identify which team(s) and how many team members would see productivity improvements from this feature.
  • Details of how the Enhancement should be implemented.

Business Impact:

  • Give the business impact of the current state contrasted with the future state after the enhancement in terms of improvements tied back to Performance, Availability, Productivity or Risk Reduction.
  • What is the impact if this is NOT implemented

Images, tables, and attachments can also improve understanding

  • Would a picture say a thousand words?  Just cut and  paste into your Idea details.


  • Attachments can be added to ideas during creation or later if needed.
  • Tables can help structure your data


Sample TableGet your data organized
Sometimes a table is just what you needSometimes not