Idea submission process

The BMC product teams consider input through BMC Communities and other channels when planning each release. Ideas will provide a forum for our customers to directly log an enhancement request instead of submitting an RFE through support for many of BMC's products. Initially, this process will not apply to Control-M, MainView, Solutions for IMS, Solutions for DB2, and Middleware Management.

In BMC Communities, the ideas that get the most consideration have the following characteristics:

  • Focus on a business need or solve a problem, rather than dictate implementation
  • Are championed by members of the BMC Community. You discuss and invite collaboration on your ideas so that they resonate widely across multiple companies.
  • Are shared with colleagues and other community members to build momentum and earn votes
  • Are reviewed and prioritized by BMC Product Management, based on input from many channels (votes are just one channel). Some ideas might not align with BMC strategies or priorities, so BMC does its best to communicate the status and to support development by others, when possible.


The following table outlines the stages of an idea:


Note: BMC does not guarantee that any given idea will be added to the product road map, because BMC must balance community input with strategic direction. However, BMC greatly values the collective brain power of the BMC Communities and continues to work with all of you to innovate at BMC. Post your request as an idea, or vote and comment on existing ideas. Rally your fellow community members to get more votes and push your ideas to the top.


  • I can't find a Product forum for my product, what do I do now?
    Product Forums with Ideas exist for BMC's products with the exception of Control-M, MainView, Solutions for IMS, Solutions for DB2, and Middleware Management. Sometimes your product will be a sub-forum. For example,Discovery (ADDM)is a sub-forum of BMC Atrium Platform. Use the fly-out menu under Products to quickly search forums and sub-forums.


  • When will I hear about the status of ideas? How often will BMC review submitted ideas?
    The BMC Product team reviews ideas on an on-going basis and more formally as part of the normal release planning process. BMC will periodically inform you about idea status, but you can check the stage of a specific idea at any time.


  • What do I do if my idea remains without a response?
    Try to engage the community. Some ideas rise quickly while others need refinement and many comments to clarify details before they start garnering broad support. Expanding the support for your idea is the most effective way to promote your idea.


  • What the minimum number of votes required for an idea to make the road-map?
    There is not a hard threshold as far as number of votes that puts anything on the backlog. The backlog is highly influenced by ideas which are reviewed regularly by Product Managers, but there are also many others that influence the decision.  BMC must balance community input with strategic direction.  When you consider the number of product forums and the varied participation levels it is easy to understand that using the relative ranking within each products forum provides Product Managers with the best view of ideas that have the highest community support.  Commitment to active response from Product Management is not based on a specific score or number of votes but rather is focused on the products top 15% of ideas during release planning and other ideas as warranted based on their alignment with the products strategic direction.


  • Will community participants from BMC be visible as BMC employees? Will their job titles be available?
    Although it is technically possible to restrict viewing of specific company information just like any other community member, as a best practice the BMC employees in the community are proud to share their job titles. You will notice that BMC employees are among the most active members of the community as they respond to your ideas and discussions.


  • Do I need to provide information on product version and environment information?
    Ideas are largely free form, and you are not required to include specific environment and version details. In most cases, ideas being implemented will be delivered on the most current generally available release or service pack.


  • Are the ideas included in the results of the BMC Support search?
    No. Ideas are part of BMC Communities, which has extensive search capabilities.


  • Enhancement requests have historically been linked to Support Issues; will ideas be linked to tickets in the future?
    No. Ideas are an independent process with no association to BMC's existing Customer Support tools.


  • Can I review only my own submitted ideas?
    Yes. Use the My Stuff tab to view a list of your submitted ideas.


  • Can I comment on an existing idea, and if so, how?
    Yes, registered users can comment on ideas. Select the Comment field to add comments.


  • How can the creation of duplicate ideas be avoided?
    As an idea is written the system automatically generates a list of potentially related subject matter on the right side of the display window, which will allow the user to quickly determine if they may be submitting a duplicate idea. Users can also search the Community for similar ideas already logged.


  • Will the idea submitter, or interested users, be notified if the status of an idea changes?
    Each idea has an associated status; the BMC Product Manager will be responsible for updating status as the idea is progressed. Users can follow specific ideas or subscribe to e-mail notification for the related forum to track all related updates.


  • Can I restrict access to my own or my company's ideas?
    No. However, privacy settings can be used to restrict visibility to personal data (i.e. name, company name).


  • Are all BMC products supported?
    No. Although you can create ideas for many of the BMC product areas, BMC has not yet activated the Ideas functionality for BMC Control-M, BMC MainView, BMC Solutions for IMS, BMC Solutions for DB2, and BMC Middleware Management. Contact Support to request enhancements.


  • Can I still open an RFE via the Support Web?
    Only for those products that do not yet have an Ideas forum in BMC Communities. You should post your request as an idea, or vote and comment on existing ideas.


  • What will happen with the RFEs I currently have open with Support?
    BMC Product Management will address and or close all outstanding RFEs in the coming months.


  • Why didn't my idea make it into my BMC product?
    You have awesome ideas, but BMC cannot guarantee that they will be added to the product roadmap. BMC must balance community input with strategic direction. BMC greatly values your collective brain power and will continue to work with you to innovate at BMC.


  • Will I be financially compensated if my idea is actually delivered?
    If BMC uses your idea, BMC owns it. You will be compensated by knowing that your idea is in the product, adding value to your company and others.