We've heard demand over the years for both Server Automation and Cloud Lifecycle Management to provide out-of-the-box content to enable customers to get up and running and realizing value more rapidly.  This capability has been available in Server Automation for a long time, but mainly in the Compliance Policy area, for things like PCI, DISA, CIS Compliance and so on.


That's all changed now with the "ZipKits" that are available for both Server Automation and Cloud Lifecycle Management.  The links to each product's Communities page are below, the ZipKits feature prominently on the front page and there's also a link to take you to a full list of ZipKits available.


Examples of Server Automation ZipKits are Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Apache Tomcat, Disable IPv6, Install Jenkins and much more.


Cloud Lifecycle Management ZipKits provide integration modules for vBlock, Terremark, Savvis and OpenStack, along with Service Blueprints for Websphere, JBoss, Jenkins, Nagios and much more.


Check out the full list of ZipKits at the links below, and be sure to subscribe, new ZipKits are being published frequently!