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North East User Group

Collaboration in the North East geo of the USA, organizing local Events and more!

Announcement 1 New York Exchange
Announcement:New York Exchange
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Mitchell Pachtman
Does anyone know the workaround to scheduling Linux commands that have a – in them?
in North East User Group
Ina Shpak
Join us at BMC Exchange NYC to explore the topics, trends, and IT innovations—from artificial intelligence to advanced cognitive capabilities—that will help you run your business as you reinvent it…
in North East User Group
Juerg Gaechter
When developing and testing your own KM it can happen that you make several times a small code change but you don't want to change the version of KM all the time.… (Show more)
Patrick Mischler
This idea relates to the document Redesign TrueSight (/docs/DOC-106843) … (Show more)
Patrick Mischler
1 Introduction First of all, this document should be understood as a proposal. In my years experience I have learned a lot about TrueSight. As I wrote in my post recently, TrueSight definitively… (Show more)
Victoria Schmidt
Shared by Victoria Schmidt from WWRUG / SMAC3 months ago (Show more)
SMAC IS BACK! This year we're going with just 2 simple prices. Early Bird and Regular price. So don’t miss out on the $450 saving that goes away June 30th! In conjunction with BMC Software the CTRM… (Show more)