• Zipping attachments added in remedy

    Many times while working in ITSM integration/customization we have requirements to zip all the attachments added to an incident or change or to any of the application request. BMC OOTB do not provide any mechanism to ...
    Ramanee Samal
    created by Ramanee Samal
  • Hearty Greetings of Holi!

    On this festival of colours, we wish you with peace, prosperity & happiness.       Have an amazing day with family & friends. Here's to celebrating life!   Important note: We urge you...
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • Diwali Greetings to All!

      Here's to a wonderful and prosperous Diwali.   What are your plans for the super long Diwali weekend?
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • It's beginning to feel a lot like... Diwali

    Diwali has come a little early here at BMC, Pune, India. With gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life. Wishing you a joyful & safe Diwali. Greetings from CEO, BMC S...
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • Adding VIP column to the BMC Remedy Overview console

    Adding VIP column to the BMC Remedy Overview console   1. Creating configuration data for union fields Open the SHR:Union_DataSource_Fields form in New mode. From the Implementation Area menu, select Overview...
    Goel NameToUpdate
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  • Happy Holi 2016

    Here's to a joyous and a colourful Holi!   But also... Bura na maano, dry holi hai   We salute the spirit of people who add colours to conversations here and spark meaningful engagements everyday. We are ...
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • BMC Communities, now On-The-Go!

    What?  Enhanced Mobile Experience Responsive Web Design: no more apps to download; your BMC Communities now looks gorgeous right out of the box with all the features, irrespective what device you use to access...
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • Remedy Support Restful service

    Can We update the Remedy ticked using restful service in .net ?
    Keyur Soni
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  • who is the head of the BMC

    Mr. Robert E. Beauchamp, also known as Bob, has been the Chief Executive Officer of BMC Software Inc., since January 2001 and serves as its President. Previously, Mr. Beauchamp served as President of BMC Software Inc....
    Dwarakesh Babu
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  • Collaborative Application Mapping: Issues with updating relationships between components

    Hi All,   we're using BMC ADDM v10.2.0.2 and trying to map fields by CAM, among Web and DB instances. we're new to the CAM and following inbuilt uploaded BMC Videos onto ADDM UI.   the actual problem we're...
    Sumeet Verma
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  • BMC SecOps #GoodSolution than #JustIdea

    BMC SecOps!!   Colloboration of what you are strong at and what you are not strong at is the new trend setter rather than acquiring something that would be a costly solution.   Two weeks back (ie) on 5 5 2...
    Soundappan Shanmugam
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  • Accenture BMC User Day - Bengaluru

    Hello Accenture India folks,   Join BMC for our second Annual Accenture BMC India User Day. Come to hear about our latest and new innovated technology, from our leading thought leaders and product and solution l...
    Girish Gadage
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  • Bob Beauchamp announces the launch of Customer Experience Center at Business Bay, Pune, India

    Inauguration of Pune facility by Bob Beauchamp Bob Beauchamp lights the lamp at the Customer Experience Center The grand inauguration of the Pune facility and the unveiling of the Customer Experience Cen...
    Poonam Relwani
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  • Second BMC Usergroup Wrap up

    Confident with the first Usergroup hosted at Vyomlabs, it was expected we'd have a Bigger Party, especially when you have a VIP attendee like Doug Mueller!   What a Party it was!  True to the core idea of h...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • CII Panel Discussion at Le Meridien Pune

    Tarun Sharma was invited to head a panel discussion on Budgets at the Le Meridien on 2nd March, 2015. The panel discussion was conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry in association with Ernst&Young.
    Poonam Relwani
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  • Second Pune BMC Usergroup with Doug Mueller

    Yes you heard that right & here's me saying it on video (at 48m) The Man, The Legend, The center of all Remedy AR System folklore, Doug Mueller will be in Pune for our Second BMC Usergroup event on 13 of Februa...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • XSLT - remove empty lines and empty space from string

    HI Team,   I have designed a simple XSLT to remove the extra empty lines and empty space  in a string. Please use the below during string transformation J   <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3...
    prabhu deva
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  • Premature end of file in XSLT transformation of XML

    Hi All, I faced an error named Premature end of file in XSLT transformation of XML, which was caused by the following reason. 1. I forgot to add the start and end of Root element before For loop. Following XSLT is ...
    prabhu deva
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  • BMC Pune User Group

      Be a part of new BMC revolution! Be there for the Inception and Design of the first BMC Pune User group meeting!! Yes, we'll have a Pune BMC User group in the New Year!   Vision & Purpose of the BMC...
    Kunal Sonawala
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  • BMC Pune User Group: Event Wrap Up

    The event Many BMC users were part of BMC Pune User Group co-hosted by BMC Software and Vyom Labs! It was a huge occasion for all the participants being the integral part of inception and design of the very first BMC ...
    Atul Singh
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