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Inauguration of Pune facility by Bob Beauchamp

Bob Beauchamp lights the lamp at the Customer Experience Center

The grand inauguration of the Pune facility and the unveiling of the Customer Experience Center on the 5th of February, 2015, was followed by a press conference.

Bob Beauchamp leading the Press Conference

Held at the new Board Room on the 10th floor, where the CEC is set up, the press conference was led by Bob Beauchamp and Tarun Sharma amongst 10 senior journalists from top national newspapers.


The Press Conference started with a welcome note by Tarun Sharma, VP R&D, Head of BMC Software, India and Ukraine. Tarun recounted the BMC India journey and invited Bob Beauchamp, Chairman and CEO, BMC Software, Inc., to take the lead.


Bob emphasized the importance of the Customer Experience Center in India, adding, “More than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies have significant technology investments in India, and have significant number of executives visiting India every year. BMC wanted to set up a customer experience center here to provide them an immersive experience. BMC’s award-winning briefing center in Houston has been voted as one of the top briefing centers. BMC wanted to take that experience and bring it to India.”


Innovation, as highlighted by Tarun, is the strongest tenet of BMC India and would continue to provide the organization its competitive edge. Bob foresaw that the coming 5 years would see more change, innovation and disruption. According to him, the business model is being over-written by technology. By reducing costs while encouraging innovation, BMC is already at the epicentre of managing this technological disruption through its pioneering products. Thoughts that he also shared in the recently concluded World Economic Forum.


Also present at the press conference was Takeshi Mitsuishi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer from Niscom, BMC's highly valued customer from Japan. Mitsuishi-san was delighted to be here, and was excited about sending his colleagues to India to experience first-hand, our cutting-edge technology.

Considering the current digitalization of the industry, BMC has truly brought IT to life. With ground-breaking products that support hundreds of Fortune-listed companies, BMC Software continues to be one of the top 10 software companies of the world. The new office enhances this image by encompassing collaborative elements that make innovation and work a delight for employees.


To a question from the press folks on the Office of the Future, Bob Beauchamp described the new Pune facility as ‘instantaneous’ and ‘collaborative’. Referring to the pods of collaboration and the seamless IT connectivity that encourages hot-desking, Bob echoed that this is what the Office of the Future looks like.


In conclusion, Tarun echoed BMC’s vision of Bringing IT to Life, stating that the CEC would be instrumental in taking our fourth phase of customer centricity several notches higher.


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