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Hi, can you please give me some examples/ideas of use cases of chatbot using in your projects so that I can showcase these examples to my customer

Also please give me some examples/ideas of use cases of Cognitive(artificial intelligence) using in your projects so that I can showcase these examples to my customer

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On this festival of colours, we wish you with peace, prosperity & happiness.

Wishing you all a Happy Holi!.jpg


    Have an amazing day with family & friends. Here's to celebrating life!


Important note: We urge you play a 'dry' Holi, being thoughtful on conserving water. Also, not spraying colours on street animals who might not have the luxury to wash it off by the end of it all. Have a great one, guys!

Diwali Greetings to All!

Posted by Shadab Ashraf Oct 18, 2017
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Here's to a wonderful and prosperous Diwali.


What are your plans for the super long Diwali weekend?

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Diwali has come a little early here at BMC, Pune, India.

With gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life. Wishing you a joyful & safe Diwali.

Greetings from CEO, BMC Software India Tarun Sharma.
In this spirit of Diwali, we've started celebrations too. Sticking to the theme of 'recycle' and promoting a green & 'cracker-free' Diwali.
We hope you enjoy this festival of light with your dear ones and be safe. Here are some visual treats from BMC Pune location:




How are you planning to celebrate? Share pictures in the comments section below

Bonus: Here are some friends behind all the lovely hand-made recycled decorations wishing you a sparkling Diwali.

Shailesh Kadam Pradnya Himane Kavita Mhaske Supriya Suryawanshi



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Adding VIP column to the BMC Remedy Overview console


1. Creating configuration data for union fields

Open the SHR:Union_DataSource_Fields form in New mode.

From the Implementation Area menu, select Overview console.

In the Union Field Name field, name of the custom character field – VIP

Status value is Enabled

Convert Enumerated values to yes


2. Creating mappings

Open the SHR:Union_DataSource_FieldMappings form in New mode.

From the Implementation Areamenu, select Overview Console.

In the Source Formfield, select the source form — for example, HPD:Help Desk.

From the Select Source Fieldmenu, select VIP as Custom Selection Field.


3. Building the database union structure

Open the SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole form either in Search mode or New mode.

From the Implementation Areamenu, select Overview Console.

ClickBuild/Rebuild Database Union Structure.

It will throw an error then check the Bypass Enum value conversion and rebuild.Similarly do it for other form (In this case WOI:Work Order)Note: Field ID should be same on different source forms


4. Adding new fields to the overlay

Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio

In the Form list, locate the SHR:Union_OverviewConsole form.

Overlay is already created.

Copy the source field from source form i.e. HPD:Help Desk

Position the field in the view.

On the Properties tab, change the View Information attributes matched.

Modified permissions and db name for the field.Form saved. On SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole:Uncheck the Bypass Enum value conversionAgain Rebuild Database Union Structure


5. Adding new columns to the table in the overlay

Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode.

In the Formlist, locate the SHR:OverviewConsole form.

Overlay is already created.

In z2TH_ConsolidateTable1

In the tableProperties tab, change the Others > Overlay Type value to Overwrite

In the tableProperties, click the Tree/Table Property attribute box to open the Tree/Table Property dialog box.

Added VIP field from SHR:Union_OverviewConsole to the Table Columns list.

Modify the permissions and db name.

Happy Holi 2016

Posted by Shadab Ashraf Mar 23, 2016
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Here's to a joyous and a colourful Holi!


But also...


Bura na maano, dry holi hai


We salute the spirit of people who add colours to conversations here and spark meaningful engagements everyday. We are already geared up in the Holi spirit, are you?




#HappyHoli @matt_L @askrahul

— Amethyst (@sounddappans) March 23, 2016


Do not forget to share in the comment section your Holi plans this years. Pictures in vibrant colours are welcome too

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Enhanced Mobile Experience

  • Responsive Web Design: no more apps to download; your BMC Communities now looks gorgeous right out of the box with all the features, irrespective what device you use to access it.
  • Mobile News View: whether you use the apps or browser to access your community, you would be directed to News. Your one stop shop to find trending people/content, key streams based on your geo/product interests and more.




We believe ...

mobile3.png(Find Eric Schmidt here)


You have been giving us honest feedback about areas of improvements and amongst all the technical capabilities, mobile experience appeared to be the weakest.


We heard your feedback and enhanced the mobile experience with:

  • mobilized connection streams
  • synced & read-tracked inbox
  • enhanced search experience


Read more:


Mobile Improvements

Responsive WebView BMC Communities from any modern mobile web browser.
  • BMC Communities now respond to the size of your mobile devices to display a targeted mobile browser experience
  • View all content, take social actions, monitor your custom streams, read News.


Here's what your friends had to say




















To help us improve this experience even further, let us know what you think about the new mobile experience by logging in to BMC Communities from Andriod or iOS. Share your experience in the comment section below or reach out to us at @BMCCommunities on Twitter.

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Can We update the Remedy ticked using restful service in .net ?

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Mr. Robert E. Beauchamp, also known as Bob, has been the Chief Executive Officer of BMC Software Inc., since January 2001 and serves as its President. Previously, Mr. Beauchamp served as President of BMC Software Inc. from January 2001 to November 2008. He joined BMC Software in 1988 as a Sales Executive. Mr. Beauchamp served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development of BMC Software at OptiSystems Solutions Ltd. since 1997. He serves as an Advisor of Houston Technology Center and the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce for Greater Houston. Mr. Beauchamp has been the Chairman of BMC Software Inc. since October 2008. He serves on the Board of Regents at Baylor University. Mr. Beauchamp has been an Independent Director at Raytheon Company since July 24, 2015. He has been a Director of National-Oilwell Inc., in August 2002 and BMC Software Inc. since January 2001. Mr. Beauchamp served as an Independent Director at National Oilwell Varco, Inc.Software Testing Training in Chennai from August 2002 to November 2, 2015. Mr. Beauchamp serves on the Boards of Directors of Memorial Hermann Hospital System and Texas Medical Center. He is an active member in the Houston community and serves on the Boards of Directors of the Greater Houston Partnership and the Houston Technology Center. Mr. Beauchamp serves as a Member of Listed Company Advisory Committee of New York Stock Exchange Inc. He served as Lead Independent Director of National Oilwell Varco, Inc. In October 2001, he was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus of Houston Baptist University. He served as a Member of Advisory Board for Hankamer School of Business. Mr. Beauchamp is Certified Public Accountant. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982 and a Master's of Science in Management from Houston Baptist University in 1987.

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Hi All,


we're using BMC ADDM v10.2.0.2 and trying to map fields by CAM, among Web and DB instances. we're new to the CAM and following inbuilt uploaded BMC Videos onto ADDM UI.


the actual problem we're facing is we don't see any Results (3rd Screeny) when we refresh after creating the rules into functional components under DB tier. it does show the relationship between the Web server and DB into the ADDM visualization. screeny below.


what's the problem here??




The DB functional Results error -


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BMC SecOps!!


Colloboration of what you are strong at and what you are not strong at is the new trend setter rather than acquiring something that would be a costly solution.


Two weeks back (ie) on 5 5 2015 had a wonderfull session on BMC SecOps by Neil Karani,  an old friend of mine since 2009, where we shared many ideas on BMC Bladelogic Server Automation and what other product vendors does in this current field.



I was alware of the colloboration between Qlalis and BMC and was eager to know whats cooking in the story and whether it is actually representing the clients need, to my surprise it was really astonishing that almost everything required from the clients requirement was getting full filled.


use case:

Clients always have a third party security consultant who scans the servers and provides the CVE vulnerability results to the client on YOY/Quarterly basis.During this excercise they feel the results to be on a better level rather. but in many cases it leads to high vulnerability.


    Operations team:

    The Operations team regularly patch the servers using BMC Bladelogic Server Automation, but are not sure that they are correct            only when the third party vulnerabilty check tools like Qualis scans the machine without any agents.


So this is the problem the operations and the engineering team of the organization faces, So as a solution what they do is have both the qualis aswell and the BMC Bladelogic Server Automation within the organization to get both on same page.


Challenges faced even after having Qualys and BMC Server Automation in the same Organization

1. Manual vulnerability check on the reports

2. Compare reports of both tools manully

3. Additional vulnerability on Organization specif cant be checked from both tools parallely

4. Single report for both tools


What BMC done in this?

BMC has really fantastic job calling the APIs and created a portal SecOps that does what the issues faced in the environment where they have both Qualis and BMC Server Automation for Checks and Remediation.


1. Scan the Servers using Qualys and get the results of vulnerability

2. BMC uses Shavlik(VMWare) metadata files for scanning the servers vulnerability and Qualys uses it own metadata files to scan the machines

3. Here they have combined both into a single result saying if Qualys has a vulnerability and it is not present in Shavlik it actually shows in the result that (Package not present) and you can create a manual package for the same. #JustAwesomeSolution

4. What vulnerability is there part of the system, just you can create the package and deploy from the portal that indirectly calls the BMC Server Automation at the back end to creates the patching job.

5. It gives a fantastic single and detailed report combining both BMC Bladelogic Server Automation and Qualis


I believe that all the issues that are being faced by the Engineering and the Operations team of an organization is perfectly addressed in one portal BMC SecOps


Special Thanks to Neil Karani Akbar Aziz



#KeepRocking with new Ideas bmcbear Matt Laurenceau

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Hello Accenture India folks,


Join BMC for our second Annual Accenture BMC India User Day. Come to hear about our latest and new innovated technology, from our leading thought leaders and product and solution leaders.


Date: Thursday, May 7, 2015

Time: 9:30am - 8:00pm


Venue: Hotel Novotel Bengaluru Techpark, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bangalore: 560103


The Agenda for the day is finalized!

A lot has changed in a year, you will not want to miss this update!


Please register for the event and choose a track that fits your interest.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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Tarun Sharma was invited to head a panel discussion on Budgets at the Le Meridien on 2nd March, 2015. The panel discussion was conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry in association with Ernst&Young.

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Inauguration of Pune facility by Bob Beauchamp

Bob Beauchamp lights the lamp at the Customer Experience Center

The grand inauguration of the Pune facility and the unveiling of the Customer Experience Center on the 5th of February, 2015, was followed by a press conference.

Bob Beauchamp leading the Press Conference

Held at the new Board Room on the 10th floor, where the CEC is set up, the press conference was led by Bob Beauchamp and Tarun Sharma amongst 10 senior journalists from top national newspapers.


The Press Conference started with a welcome note by Tarun Sharma, VP R&D, Head of BMC Software, India and Ukraine. Tarun recounted the BMC India journey and invited Bob Beauchamp, Chairman and CEO, BMC Software, Inc., to take the lead.


Bob emphasized the importance of the Customer Experience Center in India, adding, “More than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies have significant technology investments in India, and have significant number of executives visiting India every year. BMC wanted to set up a customer experience center here to provide them an immersive experience. BMC’s award-winning briefing center in Houston has been voted as one of the top briefing centers. BMC wanted to take that experience and bring it to India.”


Innovation, as highlighted by Tarun, is the strongest tenet of BMC India and would continue to provide the organization its competitive edge. Bob foresaw that the coming 5 years would see more change, innovation and disruption. According to him, the business model is being over-written by technology. By reducing costs while encouraging innovation, BMC is already at the epicentre of managing this technological disruption through its pioneering products. Thoughts that he also shared in the recently concluded World Economic Forum.


Also present at the press conference was Takeshi Mitsuishi, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer from Niscom, BMC's highly valued customer from Japan. Mitsuishi-san was delighted to be here, and was excited about sending his colleagues to India to experience first-hand, our cutting-edge technology.

Considering the current digitalization of the industry, BMC has truly brought IT to life. With ground-breaking products that support hundreds of Fortune-listed companies, BMC Software continues to be one of the top 10 software companies of the world. The new office enhances this image by encompassing collaborative elements that make innovation and work a delight for employees.


To a question from the press folks on the Office of the Future, Bob Beauchamp described the new Pune facility as ‘instantaneous’ and ‘collaborative’. Referring to the pods of collaboration and the seamless IT connectivity that encourages hot-desking, Bob echoed that this is what the Office of the Future looks like.


In conclusion, Tarun echoed BMC’s vision of Bringing IT to Life, stating that the CEC would be instrumental in taking our fourth phase of customer centricity several notches higher.


Read related press article here.

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Confident with the first Usergroup hosted at Vyomlabs, it was expected we'd have a Bigger Party, especially when you have a VIP attendee like Doug Mueller!


What a Party it was!


True to the core idea of having this meetup, about 70 BMC Customers and Partners came to the new BMC office to attend the event, to network, some to present and definitely see The Man in action - Doug Mueller.

Check the event pics. >>



Event highlights


About 70 participants from more than 16 companies participated and the crowd overflowed in excess of 120 during Doug's session.
  • Tata Consulting, Symphony Teleca and Column IT took away the 'BMC Usergroup Champ' honours signed by Doug for being present in the largest numbers.
  • Special thanks to our India CEO, Tarun Sharma for being present on his Birthday!
  • As Tarun introduced him, "Doug the Rockstar" electrified the audience on stage and in all the off-line breakouts & group sessions one could ask for



Recording of the entire event is available. Find a speaker on the timeline below.

live stream1.JPG


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Jyoti PashupalakEvent wrap up, The specified item was not found. & the future



Thank you!


Not to forget, the passionate volunteers who delivered over and beyond their assigned roles. Many of them declared on the Agenda and Roles doc, but many more on the spot.

And to the BMC Software Facilities, Venue officials & IT dept who made it a classy event.

Well, I could write more about last Friday, but Usergroups are Your Event, so please give us your feedback by directly editing the Usergroup feedback doc.


And we all know how things come to happen in the open, so if you have an idea for Hosing such an event at your company/ presenting at the next one or volunteer for any role, please Create a Discussion in the India User Group - The conversation never stops.

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