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Victoria Schmidt
Shared by Victoria Schmidt from WWRUG / T37 hours ago (Show more)
Announcement:T3: Service Management & Automation Conference - Nov 6-10 - Register Now! We are excited to announce the first "T3: Service Management & Automation Conference" or T3SMAC, which will be… (Show more)
shruthi vijay
I have been with working with Spoon client for quite sometime now, however, my only boundary was that it was always the Windows server. So what happens, when you pick those jobs and transformation… (Show more)
in India User Group
gopal biswal
Hi, Our requirement is that more than one job will be using a generic shell script. The catch is that each job will be using different profiles but same shell script. I tried to use the script in… (Show more)
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Rajesh Lingaraju
Hi,   I am not able to see any Applications present under Monitor tab in Truesight. Please suggest what could be the reason for this.   Thanks, Rajesh L
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Keshav Kishor
Bmc.CtmEm.Core.Infrastructure, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null AppDomainName : emwa.exe ThreadIdentity :  WindowsIdentity : AMERUS\e99598 " ---- T@1 General… (Show more)
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apoorv chaturvedi
Job showing completed in the console with compstat 0 but still the procedure is running in the DB. Not getting the issue here?
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Keshav Kishor
I have to create a report for how many jobs rerun manual in a week? How can i create ? I am new for Control-M Please help
in India User Group
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