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India BMC Remedy User Group

Thriving community from India, with amazing skills on BMC Remedy, and more! A BMC Remedy multi day conference in 2014 and subsequent years, with the best papers from the California WWRUG13 being presented in Bengaluru, towards the end of March!

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Recent Activity

vinoth kannan
Hi community ,   Greeting!!   We use BMC Remedy ARS , We recently faced an issue when testing DR Reporting server connectivity tests , we have made the following changes as part of activity… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Pramod Devkate
Hi All,   We have 5 rows in table and when we click on particular button and Server name = "Development_3" then that row should be selected/Highlighted as shown in below table. I tried table… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Subhashini Natarajan
Hello,   We are currently in version7.6.04 SP3.   Database: Oracle 12.1.0 OS: Solaris 5.10   We are facing the following errors.   armonitor.log   INFO -… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Ravindrakumar Rodge
Steps to Follow when Java version is upgraded on Windows machines where Remedy is installed and Running. 1. For ARServer refer documentation Link for making Remedy AR Server to point to correct… (Show more)
Sanath Paladugu
Hi All,   I am trying to get the list of incidents,update and add new incident using JAVA program. Could you please help me to get the web service details (i.e  WSDL, service name) and API.  … (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Omkar Patil
how to join two regular forms .. 1 inner join? 2 outer join?
in India BMC Remedy User Group
rajni bhagat
I want popup window on my action Resubmit for approver action. how can i call java script on clicking on action .      
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Naresh J
Hi All,   Could anyone help me in mapping the status reason values on the overview console. I have gone through various threads and documents but could not find a solution. I am currently using… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
APS Singh
Hi Team,   I need to add one more value "Cancelled" on approval process definition form like below to auto cancel service request approval after some interval.     Please help me to understand… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
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