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India BMC Remedy User Group

Thriving community from India, with amazing skills on BMC Remedy, and more! A BMC Remedy multi day conference in 2014 and subsequent years, with the best papers from the California WWRUG13 being presented in Bengaluru, towards the end of March!

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Recent Activity

manjunath thammanna
Hi,   I would like to filter for the jobs which are held and met all the in conditions,is there a way to achieve this?
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Pramod Devkate
Hi All,   We have 5 rows in table and when we click on particular button and Server name = "Development_3" then that row should be selected/Highlighted as shown in below table. I tried table… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Rodrigo Nogueira
Shared by Rodrigo Nogueira from Remedy ITSM2 months ago (Show more)
Hi guys, I have a customer request that I would like to do OOTB, if it is possible. The scenario is: 1 - Support Staff set the work order status to Pending and the reason is "Need more… (Show more)
Shadab Ashraf
You are invited to join us and hundreds of your peers at BMC DAY Mumbai on January 24th. This no-cost, half--day global conference brings together business leaders and IT professionals like you for a… (Show more)
Abhishek Gandham
Hello everyone,   I have an requirement mentioned below: "Whenever any user logs into Remedy (via Web Services too), I need to capture the Login and the Logout time of that particular user in an… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Srinivas Bandi
Hi, I want to send the ticket survey link to the client after every five tickets closed, which raised by the client.
in India BMC Remedy User Group