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India BMC Remedy User Group

Thriving community from India, with amazing skills on BMC Remedy, and more! A BMC Remedy multi day conference in 2014 and subsequent years, with the best papers from the California WWRUG13 being presented in Bengaluru, towards the end of March!

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Recent Activity

Apoorv Chaturvedi
drop table GG_temp_outgoing_traffic_vti this there are few queries , I am not sure whether it can be automated through control-m ?
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Kavya Das
Hi,   I have a CI which is in status 'In Inventory'. But the 'MarkAsDeleted' field is yes. Could anyone please tell me how does this field get set to yes and why.
in India BMC Remedy User Group
saksham gupta
ConfigurationStatus for PSM_Root/SNMP is in ALARM current value is 1.000000 What is the meaning of this alert ?
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Madhusmita Behera
Hi team, I am bit confused on the below thing. Please help me in understanding  . what is the difference between 'show relationships/workflows' and ARInside concept in AR system server.?Is both of… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Pallavi Poosarla
I had given the No DATE condition for both the jobs but had an issue last week as JOB B started its execution without A's completion as it took the condition of some other date and started. Let me… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group
Santosh Chourasia
Dear All Good Noon, we are using BMC remedy 8.1 and now i am facing some issues in SMS Alert notification due  our SMS vender has change the url link (http to https) i have got some changes in SMS… (Show more)
in India BMC Remedy User Group