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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Stefan Srbljanin
Hi all,   I'm having a problem with creating Calculated Field. I'm getting an error when trying do the SUM of 'Last Resolve Date' and 'Submit Date'. These fields are from HPD:Help Desk form, so they… (Show more)
Aloysius Goh
Hi all,       Am facing an issue of creating a report for open tickets. What I'm trying to achieve for this report is that I would like to create a Report that shows the number of open tickets each… (Show more)
Yousuf Samad
Hi Team,   I am trying to create a calculated field using  sum function but while I create I am getting the attached error.         The value that the field TT Total OpenToCleared Duration Time Sec… (Show more)
Boopathy Nagaraj
Hi All,   Just wondering is there a way to create a display name for fields and present that in Smart Reporting Views  similar to remedy Labels. (Ex: The DB name of  an attachment field is… (Show more)
Annie Han
Good morning,   I tried to rename a column name in the existing view in Smart Reporting by Rename option beside the column. It can be change by typing but it changed back the the original name… (Show more)
Stefan Hall
Hi Experts, currently we have no live experience with Smart Reporting and have obviously made a mistake in our pre-tests. We have tested the OOb reports and dashboards only with AR admin rights. The… (Show more)
Gargi Khobragade
I get the below message after clicking on the hyperlink. This is a drill through report and 3 filters are being passed to the child.  
John Cook
On our PreProd system we are seeing the Smart Reporting database. One of the principle tables being DocumentData   We have recently overwritten the PreProd database with a more relevant copy from… (Show more)
Neha Patel
Hi All,   I am facing very frequent memory leak issues. I am attaching logs  in case anyone has faced it before.  I have already raised Initial JAVA heap size to 8GB so far  but it doesn't stop the… (Show more)
Jeremy Drury
I have a user that is not able to delete their own reports. When opening the report and clicking on 'Report' I(As an administrator) see the delete option. This user does not. The user is a corp… (Show more)
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