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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Ferdinand Scharl
How can I deactivate a single OOTB report in a simple way like setting a complete Content Category or Content Sub Category to Status=Draft?   When I edit a report a new version is created. I can set… (Show more)
Kenneth Koonsman
I have spent quite a bit of time learning SR through trial and error and making needed configuration changes etc... and while being no expert on the new tool but feeling as though I have a pretty… (Show more)
Neha Patel
Hi All,   I would like to know if i can assign report writer role to any users or it depends on permissions it holds at ITSM end?  Is there any way to assign Report Writer role to all users at once… (Show more)
Asif Bhat
Hi,   We frequently get UserSync job issues for Smart reporting. Some are the examples are mentioned below :-   1)  CreateUserInYellowfin.0 - Login   2)  2016/02/18 01:02:38 -… (Show more)
Neha Patel
Hi All, I was trying to create some reports where i added multiple charts  and tried exporting the report in XLS. However, only table gets exported in XLS and charts are omitted . If I keep only… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
Hi Guys,   I am trying to execute my reports with following prompt filters and I am getting this error.         I have not set any row limit for number of records to fetch. Report have to show… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
Dear all,   PFA screenshot for watermark. I am unable to implement it on my reports. Once I add image through image manager it gets added but not displayed on report. and when re-check in Public… (Show more)
Bryan Lee
Hi All,   I'm trying to create submit vs closed tickets report as there is no OOTB reports however this seems to be not possible, in Analytics this can be easily achieved by merge dimensions. I have… (Show more)
Zach Barr
I know I can go to the Admin Console and see a list of all the User/Roles but is there a way to filter the Roles or extract the users/roles into a report? I have found there is an OOTB "Admin… (Show more)
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