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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Maximilian Bugl
Hi Community,   I have a problem by creating a source filter in Smart Reporting 7.1.   SELECT DISTINCT 'Email Address' AS "Identifier Type",    `CTM:People`.`Remedy Login ID` AS Identifier,… (Show more)
Marcia Silva
I used the "Advanced Function" feature to concatenate information from the WO / INC columns and was prompted to include a link directed to the URL in the BMC showing the WO / INC data. By analyzing… (Show more)
Phindiwe Moshoele
Hello All   I am trying to find out info on the new roles within smart reporting 9.1.03 and up. I do not see the Report writter and all the old ones, just new fancy names Does anyone have a link i… (Show more)
Annie Han
Good morning,   Does anyone know how to pull all the assignees in the database into a prompt filter list box instead of just listing the available assignee who is assigned a ticket in the report?… (Show more)
Rob Presland
Using Smart Report from Remedy ITSM 9.1.04, I have customized an OOTB view, buy adding additional fields, all OOTB fields remain unchanged. I'd like to change my report to use this new customized… (Show more)
Rob Presland
Having problems trying to add Calculated fields to the Incident Management View of Smart Reporting (ITSM 9.1.04). We're using Freehand SQL to define the calculated field, and can reference any field… (Show more)
Vasuki SD
Greetings to all,   Do We have any limitation in a Private report to provide access?   Up to how many members I can add in private report Security Access?
Josep Estrada
Hello, I' am new in Smart Reporting , i need to know if its posisible and how to define  a report to List  change records with aproval pendings and from who is pending. Thanks in advance   Josep
Boopathy Nagaraj
Hi, Can anyone confirm the major gaps between BMC Analytics and Smart Reporting ? We are working on a migration project where moving the reporting solution from Analytics to Smart Reporting. So all… (Show more)
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