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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Natalia Cuesta
Hi all,   Your help please, I need to change the Smart Reporting lenguage, appear in English and I need to appear in Spanish. How can I do it?   Best regards,   NC
Kunal Pishe
Hi ,     Application Version:   7.3  Build:   20171012  Java Version: 1.8.0_161 Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 6.3 (amd64)           Does any one know of this error? Although I am not… (Show more)
Jill Robertson
  This is the excerpt where it indicates that sorting can be applied to any visible columns.  The only field that appears to be sorting, in my environment is the Name.  Any ideas how to get this… (Show more)
Jesus Villegas
Im creating a report and I have a total value for example of 10,000 and this is my 100%, and I need to keep this number, but when I start adding filters this number will change according to the… (Show more)
Jesus Villegas
I have the field "Service CI" which only shows the Service CIs that have incidents associated to this field and my number is something like 4K. I have to create an availability but the 4K is not my… (Show more)
Jesus Villegas
I'm using the countdistinct to get the total in days for a specific period of time (using the field submit date) For example I get the count value for the last 5 days and it returns 5 as expected… (Show more)
Dennis DeStefano
Hi all, I am happy with the age bucket calculations but my leadership would also like to show the previous data in the same report so it would look like   Column type report I assume it will be 3d?… (Show more)
Abhijeet Teli
Ageing buckets are useful when analyzing open Tickets in the Report, It helps to identify and Prioritize Open Items, Below steps illustrates how to create ageing buckets in Smart Reporting.  … (Show more)
Meera Hande
Hi All,   I created customized incident Management View for some report requirement. Added one formula builder field required with Drill Anywhere option. Please suggest.   Thanks in Advance. Meera… (Show more)
Randy Evans-Strum
Are people using a readonly verision of production data for Smart Reporting, if so how are you keeping the readonly data updated as new records get created and how often?
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