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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Sachin Kelenjaguri
Hi, can any one help me to fix the attached Error in Smart Reporting. am getting error when i try to get the Sum of The Difference between Two dates. any way we can add following kind of… (Show more)
Pooja Bhadoria
Need to create a report which will contain relationship information for an example a work order is related to CIs and diffrent different tasks i need to extract all the related information to the… (Show more)
Jijil Ghosh
Hi All, In the latest version of SmartReport (9.1.02) BMC has changed the onboarding style which is really good and improved a lot, but the problem is I can do onboard only once with the same AR… (Show more)
James Ramsey
Currently in my organizations AR Environment we have only have deployed CMDB with AR framework for service modeling. At a high level we have not setup a SmartReporting server and which from I… (Show more)
Subhashini Kesavan
Does BMC Smart IT 1.5 includes BMC Remedy Smart Reporting? What would be the version of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting that will be installed with Smart IT 1.5? If I check the version in BMC Smart… (Show more)
Subhash Sonwane
Hi All,   Installed BMC smart Reporting 9102 and getting "Your session has expired." is there any setting   URL - http;//localhost:xxxx/AdminConsole/#/   and redirecting to login page again… (Show more)
Brijesh Patel
Not sure where to put this question so put it in Smart Reporting   I previously downloaded Smart Reporting, and recently installed Smart IT and MyIT. I require Smart Reporting to be integrated… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
The CASE function Under Freehand SQL is not working.   I tried with both Formula Type : Freehand SQL It is showing ERROR (147):.............   Formula Type : Simple It is showing Invalid… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
Hi,   I would like to compare of two string fields / columns in my report and return only partially matching field values.   I need to see in my report only those rows or values where Name field… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
How to use Minus Sub Query type in report? I want to develop a report by using two views. I want all CI Name from one table which are not equal to CI Name in another table with condition Data Set… (Show more)
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