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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Jesus Villegas
Im trying to create a report which would include the date when the assignment was change to another group and this information is recorded in the table HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem (audit date) <----… (Show more)
Rob Presland
In Smart Reporting, we want an incident per row in the report, and in each row, a single cell/column with the content from the multiple records from the Work Info table associated with that incident.… (Show more)
Aloysius Goh
Hi ,   I'm having an issue where my incidents execution time ( SLA_TIME SCHEDULED ) has more than one record. I have checked through ITSM and seen that it records multiple entry of the data. However… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
Hi Every one,   I am facing an issue in Smart Reporting server with following Exception Details. Could you please tell me the exact issue and how to resolve this issue in Smart reporting… (Show more)
Stefan Srbljanin
I'm currently having a problem when doing nested queries I get Ambiguous column name 'MAX' (or any other nested aggregated function).   BMC support gave this:   - Open the View. - Select… (Show more)
Eric Fezeu
Hi community, i wish to import the list of reports in smart reporting to an Excel sheet in order to do the inventory or amount of reports in Smart Reporting. is there somebody who can help with… (Show more)
Gargi Khobragade
I am creating a report which gives us the number of alerts raised for low disk space and have used Incident ID,CI name and Summary in the report. I should be getting the output as only those… (Show more)
Hugo Mendoza
Hi there -   For SmartReporting - would anyone know how to have BMC Remedy users automatically given a role that is something other than Report Consumer or Dashboard Consumer?  I know that… (Show more)
Thomas Miskiewicz
We have configured a public report to be broadcasted to a Group Email address but it fails saying:   Broadcast to failed: The selected person does not have access to view this… (Show more)
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