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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Kristian Teodorov
Hello everybody,   I am having the incident view in smart reporting where the HPD:Help Desk is joined along with HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log and some other forms. We are having a report that is… (Show more)
Jennifer Szulinski
Hi,   We're in the process of transitioning from Analytics to Smart Reporting.  We have a number of reports that display the latest work info note for Incident and Work Orders.  The work order… (Show more)
James Toft
Hi,   I've been looking at creating my own theme for Storyboards in SMART Reporter and can't see how to do it. Does anyone know how its done?   Thanks   Tofty
Ricky .
Hi all,   I get stuck in how to get percentage decimal value column in bmc Smart Reporting.     The calculation formula is Total Met ticket/Total All ticket, so i just create one calculated… (Show more)
Liselotte Pettersson
Why do I get the following failure when using broadcast via ftp in Smart Reporting? "Could not determine the type of file"   I´ve tried CSV, XLS and TXT. I tried small, simple report to verify it´s… (Show more)
Jamsheer KK
How to create custom sort for submit date/report date in Incident. BMC docs video ( ) says you can create Org Reference Codes to enable a custom sort for… (Show more)
Neha Patel
Is there any workaround to apply filters on either table or one of the charts similar to what we have BLOCK Filters in Analytics? For example, I want to display multiple charts in report- one with… (Show more)
Shivani Singh
HI All,   How the change the searching condition in Smart recorder?   For ex: We have a first name as a composition of 3 fields. I want to search that first name by simply putting the 2nd or 3rd… (Show more)
Jennifer Szulinski
Hi,   We are in the process of transitioning from Analytics to Smart Reporting.  I haven't found the percentile function in Smart Reporting's list of functions.  Am I missing something or is there… (Show more)
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