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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Tej D
Hi Team,   I had added a new field in AST:Application folder in Smart Reporting called Test. When I try to run the reports for AST:Application and AST:ComputerSystem separately, I get the results… (Show more)
Zi Sang
We want to get a smart reporting, for a certain support group, for last month, in every night between for example 22:00 utl next day 06:00, all the tickets (WO, INC, CHG, etc) that has been worked… (Show more)
Natalia Cuesta
Hi all,   Your help please I need to create a calculated field and getting the closed incidents percentage How can I get it.   Best regards,   NC
Rob Presland
In Smart Reporting, we want an incident per row in the report, and in each row, a single cell/column with the content from the multiple records from the Work Info table associated with that incident.… (Show more)
Jill Robertson
I was able to pull auditlog information for both INC and CHG, but I need to find out which fields need to be joined in order to get the problem audit log data and task audit log   In INC it was… (Show more)
Donald Kedumetse
I need assistance of how to extract list of reports from Business Object (BO Analytics).
Jill Robertson
I have seen several articles about how to join the auditlogsystem details to, say an incident.  Specifically I pulled:   in BMC Communities a thread from 11/4/2014 starting with Mayank Bhatt where… (Show more)
Jesus Villegas
Hello everyone I'm having issue trying to figure out how to accomplish the creation of a dashboard with a specific report. I have added an attachment with pictures and detailed description trying to… (Show more)
Raju Mangali
Hi all,   I would like to know if we can generate reports in SMART IT like for P1 tickets generated month wise. Suppose we have create some P1 tickets Jan and Feb and March and etc... So i need to… (Show more)
Boopathy Nagaraj
Hi All,   We have got a Analytics report that needs to be recreated in Smart Reporting. However the in one of the column there is a hard coded  (html syntax) values populated and at the end … (Show more)
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