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Get Started with Smart Reporting

This focus group is to discuss anything and everything about new 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' - installation, deployment, functional questions, comparison of Smart Reporting with BMC Dashboard and Analytics.

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Recent Activity

Nehal Ahmad
hi,   I have pre build Sort option in smart reporting. I need to perform custom sort i.e. order of the bars in the chart I will decide. Please share me the solution.   Thanks, Nehal    
Example:   Incident               Site INC0001            A INC0002            K INC0001            Z     Then   I wan it as Incident               Site INC0001            A~Z… (Show more)
Dino Filipovic
Hello, I have a problem. I want to create percentage from escalated incidents nad I am using Case / When formula click "Click here to test formula" and it is succesful.   But when I try to save… (Show more)
Anshul Sangal
Hello,   After activating Dashboard in Smart Reporting, how can we put/edit a Filter in it?   In analytics setup (under Dashboard), I can not see link time slider, link chart brushing, link data… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
I have created a report with chart. I need to see only chart at the run time which i achieved with the Output Tab and inside Table On/Off sub tab. With this feature I can set whether to see or not… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
I have created a dashboard, no issues. Problem what I am facing is to implement filter in Dashboard? My report is containing filter in Submit Date and I want to see the filter in Dashboard also. Can… (Show more)
Scott Nyce
I'm working on a change mgmt. report in Smart Reporting.  I'm using the 'Scheduled Start Date (Timestamp) field, but it is in GMT. I clicked on the 'Advanced Metrics' for this field and clicked on… (Show more)
Worawut Ekarat
Noticed that Deploying in a standalone environment where data is fetched from the replicated database says Smart Reporting architecture needs additional AR System application server connecting to the… (Show more)
Nehal Ahmad
Hi,   I have created a dashboard, no issues. Problem what I am facing is to implement filter in Dashboard under Analytics setup tab. My reports are containing filters in Submit Date and I want to see… (Show more)
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