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We wanted to use Binary_AI indexes with our Remedy 9.1.05 installation because we are a french organisation, but could not find a way to do it.


So i oppened a case and here what came out of it. I'm posting this because we could not find any useful informaton at the time and maybe someone will find it useful.


You need to configure the following parameter for the ARS server to use different indexes than the tradicionnal Binary_CI.


Go to the administration console, in server information, on the Database tab and add the Following information in the configuration file section


DB-Options: Oracle {




2018-07-09 11_41_36-Microsoft Edge.png

After that, go to your ar.cfg file and make sure the following 2 line are included :

Db-Case-Insensitive: T

Db-Functional-Index: T


Restart your Remedy Ars services

2018-07-09 11_48_22-9. Refaire les indexes Binary_AI - OneNote.png


The server should now be using the Binary_AI indexes


Note : be sure that your dba team have rebuilded the indexes acordingly

Note 2 : Sorry for the spealling, english is not my primary language. If you guys note some mistakes or need some precisions, just advise an i will correct.