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Good Afternoon,


We have an opening for a FootPrints Admin/Developer available.  This a Direct Hire, long-term, salaried position with full benefits.


The positions require a Secret Clearance and an Security+ce certification.


Please review the link below and let me know if you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the LinTech Team!!


Andy Hilbun

Corporate Technical Recruiter   

Cell: 678.644.5328

LinTech Global, Inc. | SBA Certified 8(a)/SDB   

ISO 9001:2008 Certified   

Email:  Website:

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Thanks to everyone that attended our 1st Remedyforce DC Area User Group at the BMC McLean offices on Thursday, June 23rd.


Please see below notes and actions from that session and we look forward to our next event in approx. 6 months time.


DC Area User Group Attendees:


Giselle Caruso                 

tobias escalante               

Sheila Rieser                     

Susan Bayne                     

Theresa Sachs              

Vincent Tenaglia              

Shaun Hines                     

Julie Rasmussen               

Christopher Wooten                   

Judith Ellifritz                       

Peter Graening                 

Terry Gotzon                   

Peter Rizol                         


Next User Group:


Unanimous desire for a follow up DC Area User Group in approx. 6 months – ACTION: Jon to coordinate times / dates / locations with those that offered venues



Summer ’16


Current Sandbox push date is July 15th 2016 with Production push on August 12th 2016.


Be sure to visit this page on our Wiki and set a ‘watch’ on the Remedyforce Schedule to be notified of any changes to dates for this release and future releases ->


All you need to know about Remedyforce Summer ’16 can be found in BMC Communities or from this linked blog ->



Remedyforce Agentless Discovery (Summer ’16):


Helpful FAQ Document ->


1)      Enhancement: Agentless Discovery – desire to move configuration from Sandbox to Production ACTION: Pete R to raise Idea


2)      Enhancement: Agentless Discovery – desire to report on data stored on Discovery Master Server from Reemdyforce (not data in Rf CMDB) ACTION: Pete R to raise Idea


3)      Information regarding the protocols that can be configured and discovered using Rf Agentless;




Salesforce 1 Mobility:


1)      Salesforce 1 Chrome Emulator ->


2)      Salesforce 1 ability to hide the Submit a Ticket option for those that drive interaction via SRDs only – Update: Our Product Management team have raised this as a defect as the current Self Service capability should have been mirrored in SF1. ACTION: Jon to update group on Defect Status via Communities


3)      Using Salesforce 1 with OneLogin SSO – feedback was that OneLogin access defaults to the standard SF UI not the SF1 UI - ACTION: Jon to follow up with Shaun and OneLogin


4)      Recording of Jon’s Summer ’16 mobility webinar can be found by clicking here


5)      Enhancement: ability to clone records - ACTION: Jon to submit Idea


6)      Enhancement: ability to filter on open only - ACTION: Jon to submit Idea


7)      Enhancement: ability to launch SF1 from emails for Approvals - ACTION: Jon to submit Idea




Jon’s ‘Famous Five’ Bookmarks:


These are the 5 places I recommend you bookmark to quickly find answers to their Remedyforce questions;


1) BMC Support Central ->


Here’s the cool thing about Support Central. Not only can you log tickets with our Support team from here but the search facility allows you to search across 3 key areas of Rf Knowledge; our Support KB, our Wiki and our BMC Communities pages


Step 1. From the url above click straight on the search icon


Step 2. Select More under the Product Name on the left hand side and choose Remedyforce


           Step 3. Search and be happy


           This should be your Go To place for finding Rf answers, closely followed of course by our dear friend Google!


2)     Remedyforce Communities ->


Searchable from Support Central above but also a great place to spend time browsing at popular topics and ideas being discussed.


A rich source of enablement content around new features, blogs, videos and white papers.


3)     Remedyforce Wiki ->


Again, searchable from Support Central but worth bookmarking and being familiar with


This is where we publish our product guides, release notes and links to our Youtube Remedyforce Videos


If you click the Help icon from within Remedyforce, you will be guided to the relevant pages on the wiki.


4)     Salesforce Developer Community ->


From your training, you’ll have an appreciation of just how powerful the Salesforce Platform is so for those looking to extend their platform awareness the developer forums are a great place to ask questions about SF capabilities we leverage around security, authentication, users, workflow, validation rules, process builder etc…


5)      Salesforce Trailhead ->


Again, for those looking to expand their platform knowledge, SF provide some great online education materials and in your spare time (What’s that you say!!) you can have some fun building apps – not in Production Please!!!



Other Items / Enhancement Suggestions:


1)      Quickview Video Tutorial on BMC Communities Enablement Kits ->


2)      Idea & Workaround thread for updating Console icons when a Customer responds to a ticket ->


3)      Advanced Reporting Videos ->


4)      Enhancement: Service Health – Several attendees liked the capability but recommended automating the feature and integrating with monitoring solutions. We have an Idea already submitted for some level of automated link to P1 Incidents ( - ACTION: Terry to raise Idea


5)      Future UX Discussions: Desire for…

    • Want to ensure filtering is easy – ideally at the Console column header level
    • A lot of functionality on console will be carried over (ex. color text, refresh)
    • Want to see a more simplified screen, many said the screens were overwhelming, but need a better way to present the detail
    • Want tasks and incidents to appear as different colors to differentiate between the two
    • Allow user to control field order


6)      New Self Service BETA UI: Needs to have ability to navigate back to Rf – this will be resolved before we remove the BETA tag in an upcoming release


7)      Enhancement: Approvals – improvements to approval capability can be voted on here ->


8)      Approvals: Toby recommended Process Builder for those that require a workaround and only want to start approvals under certain conditions


9)      Enhancement: Folder like structure to organize Quickviews more effectively - ACTION: Terry to raise Idea


10)   Enhancement: Auditing – ability to audit more than 20 fields without complex workaround - ACTION: Jon to submit Idea