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We hit an issue with attempting to deploy patch 001 to our mid tier services due to some changes in 18.08, security config and typos in the BMC batch files.


The following issues were identified:

1) Tomcat restart scripts in ARMonitor have changed from Service start/stop to Cataling start/stop batch files

Due to security restrictions we have removed the SHUTDOWN port from tomcat, therefore these scripts will not work, and the system needs to use the windows service instead..


Create new batch files to stop and start tomcat via windows service


2) Cache persistence means Tomcat can take 2-3 minutes to stop, longer than the stop service timeout

Ensure the batch files above have a loop to check for the service has successfully stopped before completing. ARMonitor waits for command to complete before allowing delpyment to continue. If the service is still running the deployment will fail

Update batch file


3) File Deployer statusCheck script contained errors

This BMC written check, used by ARMonitor, was not written to for dos.

Edit batch script.


Therefore the final solution is as follows:

1) Edit C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier\filedeployer\statusCheck.bat

Wrap commands in " " and remove spaces before and after FILE_DEPLOYER_DIR =  as below:


set FILE_DEPLOYER_DIR=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier\filedeployer

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_162\bin\java" -Xmx512m -classpath "%FILE_DEPLOYER_DIR%\arfiledeployer-9.1.06-SNAPSHOT.jar" com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer.StatusCheck "%FILE_DEPLOYER_DIR%\"


2) Create new Tomcat Start and Stop scripts:



sc stop Tomcat8


sc query Tomcat8 | find "STOPPED"

if errorlevel 1 (

  timeout 1

  goto loop






net start Tomcat8



3) Edit armonitor.cfg to run new commands

External-Process: process-type = BMC:MidtierWebServer, start-command="C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\TOMCAT~1.5\bin\start.bat", stop-command="C:\PROGRA~1\APACHE~1\TOMCAT~1.5\bin\stop.bat", status-command="C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier\filedeployer\statusCheck.bat"