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Internet dating has come far. Now there are tons of datingser-vices devoted to matching individuals with very comparableinterests. One site, Cupidtino, is committed wholly to supporters ofApple goods and the site has just launched its own application foriPhone. Source of article: Apple lovers dating site Cupidtino launches iPhone app


Find the apple of your eye

Itdoes not matter if a customer is a specific religion, race orethnicity. No matter what, the con-sumer can find a dating website thatworks for them. There is even one called which is forRand followers. Everybody can find a dating website to meet theirneeds. TechCrunch explains that one site, called Cupidtino, is theresolely for Apple product lovers. Right before Valentine’s Day hits, thecompany released an application for the website. If you need thepremium version, it costs $4.99 and has unlimited messages and otherfunctions. You can get it for free to, but the number of messages youare able to send is limited.


More websites to choose from

Smartphonesare an integral part of the singles' scene these days. As reported bythe New York Times, established dating websites such as andeHarmony have been getting into the custom mobile applicationgame. and eHarmony both have mobile dating applications, andboth have acquired other dating sites with separate dating apps.All ofthese apps that you are able to get are free. This involves, eHarmony, Zoosk and PlentyofFish applications. There arealso two local dating apps accessible from OkCupid, owned my,and Jazzed, owned by eHarmony.


Other places to watch for dates

Anotherdating app choice for the iPhone is SmartDating, which is totally freeand connects personal ads with other services like FourSquare andFacebook, just as the main-stream online dating services do.Of course,not all dating apps are aimed at singles., thewebsite that brings infidelity to the masses has had an app, asreported by Time magazine, since 2009.In the event you are in a baddate and need to get away, you can use DateEscape, as reported by Fox.It will send a fake text to the user’s phone saying that it needs theperson for an emergency and will claim to be from a friend or a boss.


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