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The BMC Product Documentation team is hosting the next Documentation CAB meeting on Thursday March 5 from 11 AM – 12 PM Central US time.


The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Deployment content – will demo ITSM 8.1
  • Cross-product solution content based on high-level use cases and personas – will demo BladeLogic Automation Suite 8.6
  • Demo of new BMC documentation landing pages accessed from BMC.COM, outside of the Support site.


We welcome your participation in the meeting and look forward to your feedback on some new documentation deliverables. If you’re interested in joining the CAB and can attend, please let or know, and we’ll forward the conference call information to you.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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The BMC Product Documentation team has consolidated and updated the Known and corrected issues lists for BMC Network Automation 8.5 with a new table filter. You can now filter the list by category, so that the table shows only those issues that pertain to a particular component (for example, GUI or Web Services). All other issues that do not pertain to the selection are hidden.

See Known and corrected issues.

You can also filter the table by:

  • The version or versions to which the issue applies
  • The version in which issues were corrected
  • The Defect ID
  • A character string in the description. For example, you could enter IBM AIX to see issues that pertain only to that platform.

If you find the table filter useful, let us know by rating this blog post or leaving a comment. You can also post comments on the Known and corrected issues topic in the BMC Network Automation 8.5 online documentation on

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The BMC Product Documentation group has added interactive graphics to the BMC Network Automation 8.5 online technical documentation. See [BMCDocs] Are these interactive graphics easy to understand?.

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The BMC Product Documentation group has improved the structure for the planning, installing, and using content in the BNA 8.5 documentation to increase findability of the content and reduce cross-topic linking.

See [BMC Docs]Do you like the way information is presented on these top-level pages?.

If you find this content useful, let us know by rating this blog post or leaving a comment. You can also post comments on the individual topics on

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Topic: Since we moved our content to, we have received a lot of feedback from customers about PDF documentation delivery. In response to this feedback, IDD recently hosted a customer focus group discussion to talk about preferences in how and when we deliver offline or PDF documentation. We’d like to share our meeting notes with the Documentation community, and if you have additional input, please let us know by responding to this post.

Key questions and customer responses

  • When do you need to, or prefer to, use a PDF?
    • Users don't always have internet access.
    • Uses don't always want content that "moves” or dynamically changes. PDFs are static in that sense, and more reliable for referring end users to specific topics.
    • The administrator places PDF content in the company’s repository, and the end users then access the PDFs from that repository.
    • Prefer a single PDF for reference books that contain a body of knowledge.
  • How do you use search in the PDFs? Do you prefer an index?
    • Customers use the Acrobat search feature in PDFs.
    • Some users use a PDF index because it narrows the search results.
  • Are there PDF functions that you would like to have in the wiki?
    • Highlighting text/ability to annotate topics of interest.
    • Easier more/automated way to internally distribute a customized set of documents/topics to end users
    • Improvements for the front part/formatting of the exported PDF. Partners and IT administrators who provide documentation to end users would like the web print to be more "professional" and “official” in appearance.
    • Nice to have feature for wiki to offer: Would like an export to Word.
  • What do you prefer about the PDF format over the wiki format or vice-versa?
    • PDFs enable linear reading. It's too easy for users to wander off-topic in the wiki.
    • Consider PDFs as the "official" documentation. PDFs can be used to backup administrator/partner recommendations to end users/stakeholders.
    • Wiki enables you to explore and go to different branches, some use wiki for research, and view it as a collaboration tool.
  • Do you prefer a PDF of all content or by branch (installing, using, etc.)? Is there a particular branch that need more often in PDF?
    • Export branches of content for users (specific role). Mostly, the “Using” branch to produce User guides.
    • Admins and partners use the space PDF to find what they need and then copy and paste content into their customized documentation for their end users.
    • Would like smaller PDFs on particular topics and for different users/roles and components.
  • Do you (or would you) use PDF on a mobile device?
    • Use iPads and tablets for loading PDFs when in a conference room or lab at a client site.
  • Other discussions
    • Customer-contributed content on wiki: Customers are not too keen on contributing content in the official documentation.
    • Communities and Support KB:
      • Would like the ability to search across all three BMC repositories (Communities, KB, and Docs).
      • Communities, KB, Doc wiki serve different purposes and that all are needed but would like to have some sort of navigational aid that tells them which repository they are currently accessing.
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In our recent BMC Documentation CAB meeting held on March 28, Victoria Dunn, our editor explained when we provide screenshots in documentation and when we don't. For details, see the attached presentation.


Do you concur with this policy? Do you have other views/comments?

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