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As part of the BMC commitment to improving the customer experience to delight our customers, on August 8th, we implemented a new and much improved The redesign is based on the philosophy that navigation should be intuitive. The new landing page unifies the customer experience by matching the style of the new and linking to Control-M and zST documentation. The new “brand” is modern and simplifies search while providing functional enhancements to improve usability. Some of the most popular features as indicated by beta testers:


  1. Aesthetic appeal
  2. Search filters to find products
  3. Toolbar
  4. Favorites
  5. Session history provides a guided tour and enables fast access to popular doc sets. Our customers will be able to rate the content, submit comments, and provide feedback when they find information that is confusing or incorrect. Internally, we have the flexibility to immediately correct and update content. 


In addition, we are removing the login requirement for product documentation published on, with the exception of the following types of information:


  • Known and corrected issues
  • Software design documents
  • Source code


All other confidential information as described in the BMC Confidentiality Policy will continue to be protected. BMC employee and partner spaces currently hosted on, such as the Global Services and Enablement spaces, will continue to remain available only to BMC partners and BMC employees, as they are today, and are not included in the anonymous access implementation.


We are very excited to deliver this simplification and frequently requested enhancement for our customers. Product Management will drive decisions for restricted versus unrestricted content. IDD and the IDD Infrastructure team will govern the restrictions for product documentation published on


The response to the beta has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Patrick Wilson or Angela Whitney.