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Verizon is officially holding the iPhone. As of Thursday, Feb. 3 it was shipping to stores and consumers. Initial reports are that Verizon iPhone data service is a little slower, but much more dependable than AT&T service. Verizon has promised one thing to keep its network going that may be unpopular. Heavy data customers can be throttled-- for months at a time. Resource for this article - <a title="Use a lot of data? Verizon plans on two-month throttling" href="">Verizon plans on extreme throttling for extreme data users</a> by




<p><strong>Initial reports of Verizon iPhone</strong></p>




February three was when the iPhone was delivered to Verizon customers. There have been years of speculation on Verizon. Now there are new consumers trying it out. In most large cities and high-traffic areas, the phones do not appear to be dropping any calls. The AT&T service at its peak is a little better when it comes to download and upload speeds. Still, the promise of a “more reliable” service is being kept so far




<p><strong>Data throttling policy</strong></p>




AT&T has said in previous interviews the business does not officially throttle any individual's data use. The users that use probably the most data transfers will pay more for the data transfer in a tiered data system the company is attempting out. Verizon did post on its website that data throttling could be occurring, meaning some users can have slower connections on purpose. You will find 2 reasons to do this. First off, Verizon hopes to maintain its unlimited data plan. During peak hours, the top 5 percent of users could be throttled by Verizon so the service stays dependable.




<p><strong>Other things data excessive use does</strong></p>




During heavy use, Verizon Wireless will throttle iPhone data. The anger does not come from that though. Verizon Wireless could be limiting the data usage of the heaviest users for an extended time frame. Verizon plans to throttle service for the top 5 % limit in the month the user does it. Verizon will throttle service the next month too. It isn’t good to go over the limit though. Verizon will throttle your service for two months if this happens. Verizon argues that this is the only way for service to stay reliable. Consumers aren’t happy about it though.




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