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Hi Guys


i am just joining BMC groups , so may be it's not the rigth palce for my request please advise me about the group i have to deal with.


I am working in Integration part and would like to know what  ITSM platform is able to support in term of Standard to support Trouble tickets activities coming form OSS domain.We are using OSSJ JSR 91 standard rigth now with a prat on our back office system,but not sure BMC is supporting out of the box this one.may an otehr standard is in use around BMC.


Your advise is welcome.






Have BMC did any integration between BAO and CiscoSecure ACS v4.2?


We have many change templates that have a Risk Level of 2 or higher.  If we use one of those templates to generate a change request and save the CRQ without answering the Risk Questions, the Risk Level reverts back to Risk Level 1.   If we use one of those templates to generate a change request and answer the Risk Questions before saving the CRQ, the Risk Level retains the value from the template or changes based on the answers to the Risk questions, which is what we want.  I fell like the answer is in how the Risk Question interface is enabled but I cannot put my finger on how to prevent the Risk Level from reverting.  We have just updated to the 7.6.04 version of Remedy ITSM.  Any ideas?




    I am in the process of upgrading from AR server 7.1 and ITSM 7.0.03 to AR Server and ITSM 7.6.04. After upgrading our development system I tried to apply a customization to the Phone Extension field to increase the field length form 5 to 6. In the old release I just increased the Phone Extension field on the CTM:Phone Detail form, increased the Phone Extension field on the CTM:People form, and added the Phone Extension field with increased length to the default view of the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form. For some reason I still receive the "Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field : (Maximum length - 5) : Extension (ARERR 306)" error when trying to save an Incident. Any ideas what I am missing in the new release?




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