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The way we determine what to read may change soon, thanks to a service called BookLamp, aka “Pandora for books”. According to Mashable, readers are now able to obtain greater ROI at reading time through user-generated reviews that avoid the stench of marketing copy. Readers may also have a powerful matching algorithm at their disposal which should open up worlds of brand new content. Resource for this article: New BookLamp services are like Pandora for books


How to match the right publication

BookLamp's recommendation engine scans the texts of all works contributed by partner publishers. There are 32,160 elements that make up a publication, and BookLamp tracks and measures them all. Such elements as setting and characters make up what calls “Story DNA.”. That is when the “Book DNA” begins to come together.Aaron Stanton, the online websites founder states that other publication classification engines exist, but that none are as good as BookLamp’s. A log of the work that is done by comes from their high tech algorithms. The book DNA is matched against users preferences and opinions to create an overall user friendly experience.

“The analogy I use the most is that if you’ve eaten a chocolate cake and you wanted to find other cake that tasted the same, you’d need to know not just the ingredients, but the percentage and the preparation,” said Stanton. “From that perspective, thematic ingredients balance the book, and the writing style is the preparation: How is language prepared to deliver that storyline to the reader?”

The idea of BookLamp is good for all helps publishers get noticed as well. BookLamp has helped publishers find the individuals who want to read their writing and help them target specific areas. It is good information to have when pushing your book to know what individuals want to read your writing.Every day the 20,000 publications already indexed in BookLamp’s DNA database is increasing.


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