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1 Post authored by: Anirban Dutta

There are moments when you are touched by instances you wished you could do more.

It could be interruption by an elderly lady begging at a traffic light or a sight of street children playing on the pavement when you go to drop your children to school. And hundreds of such images we absorb through TV, newspaper and the web. A collage of images of people in our country in need of our help and support. Those humbling moments make us realize the abundance we are blessed with and leaves us with a thought, a teasing Question:

God, I should do something, what should I do?


Certainly the inertia of feeling too inadequate to affect anything substantial is too great, and we are mostly correct about it; but the thought dosen't leave us in an easy spot either. And if it is thoughts and memories and feelings that really make up our existence, we'd want them to be memorable, we'd want us to be proud of ourselves and we want to be affecting positive change in the times we live in - isn't it?


The answer to world's greatest problems lies in TEAMWORK.

There's a beautiful definition:


And here in BMC Software India great teamwork is a part of our everyday. Be it to research on the next offering of our amazing products and solutions or streamline our internal processes and costs there is a general hum of collaboration through the BMC corridoors, hallways and meeting rooms. And it is through the proven techniques of this Teamwork, BMC offers us a chance to answer the profound question we carry within ourselves - to be a better human being, to be someone of significance to our society.


Within it's vision of Virtualization as a technology, BMC also exclusively focuses on Real human emotions and bringing a positive shift in the society. It's an exciting and alive work culture where the BMC India leaders are passionate about this focus implementing countless initiatives - The result is, the entire organization of people are encouraged to join hands in one or the other of many current projects on the table. There could be a personal threshold of procrastination but beyond that there is constant activity and the number of hands keep increasing


Sometimes it is not even money but just an exchange of warmth, and in many cases even all the resources in the world would look like a speck in front of the challenge. But the good thing is, there is a hum around this place and this caravan is moving on... and today when we look back, we see the ground we've covered, we can look back at some of those memories which make us proud, very, very proud.

BMC India CSR Yearbook


This is our chance to have a positive answer to the thought of being too small, to inadequate to be able to make a difference; This is our time to join hands and take steps together towards becoming that individual of responsibility and significance we all would love to be.


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