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Posted by Shantanu Dubey Oct 31, 2015

If you want to become an astronomer and sit down and cry "Astronomy! Astronomy! " it will never come to you. The same with Chemistry. A certain method must be followed. You must go to a laboratory, take different substances, mix them up, compound them, experiment with them, and out of that will come a knowledge of chemistry. If you want to be an astronomer, you must go to an

observatory, take a telescope, study the stars and planets, and then you will become an astronomer. 


There is only one method by which to attain this knowledge, that which is called concentration. The chemist in the laboratory concentrates all the energies of his mind into one focus, and throws them upon the materials he is analysing, and so finds out their secrets. The astronomer concentrates all the energies of his mind and projects them through his telescope upon the skies; and the stars, the sun, and the moon, give up their secrets to him. The more I can concentrate my thoughts on the matter on which I am talking to you, the more light I can throw upon you. You are listening to me, and the more you concentrate your thoughts, the more clearly you will grasp what I have to say.


-- Swami Vivekanand


GET ...SET ...  GO... The CSR Activity is on for the year 2012. The first and foremost CSR activity for this year is kicked off by core CSR team. Its again that time of the year where we core CSR team will come and urge whole BMC community to come forward participate, contribute in whatever way you can to service our own society, to nurture our own society. There is a satisfaction, there is a happiness, there is a delight in serving others, if "OTHERS" are those actually needing "HELP", then such a service is equivalent to serving a god.


You must have seen emails flowing already, if you are from Pune office, you must have seen those posters on the notice board just beside every elevators, if you have not checked those posters, I urge you to check out while you wait for your elevator to come and pick you:-). What does those posters talk about?, YES, its a school kit drive 2012 where BMC in association with Seva Sahayoga - a NGO - every year puts hands together to help needy children to provide them a awesome school kit before their school starts for the year. This year there are 40,000+ children in a need of school kits to kick off or speeden their education, each school kit costs Rs.250/-, so your Rs 250/- contributions means, you are "LIGHTING" a world of one "CHILD", you could lighten as many "CHILDREN" as you can, no limit on that front. We, core BMC CSR team will start collecting funds for this year starting next week, hoping to see your contributions flowing, I'm confident that with your help we can hit the target we have set for this year. Wait for more communication on the school kitting days, the school kit distribution days - the day you meet them in real and handover the kits from your own hads and you see a "CHILD" smiling, what out for emails from BMC@BMC.


School Kit Drive 2012 is the one such activity, there are many more lined up for this year.....CSR calendar for this year is cooking...will come out any time soon.




The run-up…

by Seema Joshi

I was on a business trip when I saw a note from Vaishali and Dipti saying they were registering for the drive and that I was auto-chosen to be part of their team. I didn’t have a chance to find out much about it but the fact that they were signing up for it indicated it would be worthwhile.


On getting back when I found out more, it indeed was! While I was aware of the annual LWD I didn’t know about its strong association with awareness of women issues—this year’s drive was for cervical cancer awareness. This is when it began to sink in that it was more than a drive and the following picture came to my mind.

signboard.JPGBut the truth was that there aren’t any yellow or white signs in reality when it comes to the deadly disease! Personally for me this became a dual-step approach.

  • For each one to be aware for self-care
  • To make aware to spread awareness for all those we care


The next thing was to go find a reliable source of information, read it, and spread it! However correct and informative it would be, knowing something long and elaborate wouldn’t work for most of us, looked up something quick to persuade friends and family. And social media was a great help—used Facebook, Twitter, Chatter, etal to spread the word and the likes and shares followed.

Milind Kharkar had probably good assurance that we can do a good job as the BMC Women: Dipti Gokhale, Babita Goel, Vaishali Kasturi, Seema Joshi and Mrinalini Wankhede had already made their mark by garnering all the votes to qualify for the event. Our cars were decked up to Spread

BMC’s CSR message based on the Sakur story:

“Let’s work together for a cause, let’s light up more villages”.

He sent in his team overnight to put together the BMC Message that we at the Women's Rally could carry it effortlessly!

The day

by Dipti Gokhale

All the 3 cars were decked up with the message and wow we were all excited to take on the rally day!!


My Hyundai turned into a Mercedes in a day!!


At the flagoff venue, VITS @ Balewadi, it was a Colorful, Message driven Sunday, jam packed with all the women force trying to prove the 'Pune Women can drive point' and lol there were no wrong signals/accidents at the start point or throughout the journey!


Check out the photos on our album.


We belted the Kolavari number to match the awareness drive for Kolavari Di! and the super hit song at the flagoff, with enough instigation to Megha she just comes up with sincere and novel ideas! I pity the Chinese butterflies brought from US that flew away !!


"Why this why this Vaccine MSD?"

"Why this why this Vaccine MSD?"

Once a year aaa

Do not fear aaa

Only Care a ....

Why this why this Vaccine MSD!


And we zoomed....... as this year the road was a bit longer and exciting since we had to pass through Hinjewadi and several villages, which we realised when we had the Tulip card in our hands at the flagoff !


The drive was fantastic, no goofups! thanks to my navigator who was being helped by Vaishali and that saved me from encircling in Hinjewadi itself for the entire day! But somebody should explain to Vaishali Left and Right! and a Marathi class too to know dava ujva:) no offence, but we had so much fun with it.that we have entitled Vaishali as our official GPS system:) We were fully confident as a team with loads of laughter and experienced drivers and navigators! that goodness if there was a third seat in the front Vaishali would have easily conquered that position!


With Seema I was made to believe that she is going to keep us focused by her nice stories and experiences but there was an added precision to her mathematical calculations that we could figure out precisely when to slow down and when to speed up!!!


At Lavasa – Mission accomplished.

In time, with no band baja we headed first to know who all had reached. The crowd started pouring in and we figured out that none of the 3 cars missed a single check point well that was the first achievement in itself! What followed later was like a mela, we donned the 'phetas' with lots of goodies and fun and frolic lots of chaat and golas to come to normalcy. We strolled around the place and clicked a few moments of all the BMC clan and were feeling really accomplished! It was not just the drive but the whole experience that was cherished. Food, fun, entertainment and celebrity presence followed. There were performances by participants, Chang from the TV fame sang live, and Emraan Hashmi and Diana Hayden attended too.


Awaiting eagerly for The Results! whether we are in or not, we are surely committed for LWD2013!


Remembering the Journey...

by Seema Joshi

The drive was over. But with the energy felt even after a couple of days. Guess the drive was just the beginning of a journey… So, even with this note, for each of you all who read it, please consider this as a personal request to read and share the following with all whom you care about:

Promise the length is just 5:05minutes!


Hangover from LWD 2012

by Babita Goel



Collageparticipants1.PNGIn preparation for the celebration of Women’s day which happens on 8th March, Lavasa Women’s Drive has been happening since last 4 years. 2010 rally was also listed in Limca book of records. I have been fortunate to be a part of this initiative for the 2nd consecutive year.


Check out our 2011 experience.


Lavasa Women’s Drive is all about message for Health and happiness of women and the family as a result.


One woman saved is a family saved.


Embodying the spirit of womanhood, by focusing on prevention of cervical cancer and adding a new chapter in the annals of Lavasa Women’s Drive, it is envisaged with a vision of spreading message to all women stressing awareness regarding cervical cancer as a disease. It is important that regular tests and checks are conducted to detect the disease early and take corrective actions.


Beautifully conceptualized by Lavasa Management to cover 350 cars from Mumbai and 150 cars from Pune by means of this drive with all Women participants is in itself a feet!.

participants-banner.PNGThe beautifully decorated cars not only carried messages for awareness against cancer, but many such evils existing in society against women like, dowry, child marriage etc, which are no less than a dreaded cancer.


My car carried the messages against cancer as well as displayed the message of a worth while initiative of lighting up villages taken by BMC, which in turn is also linked to the cause of spreading light and education in villages of India. Women can evolve out of the evils through the enabler of education which needs light. This was an excellent opportunity to spread the message and to inspire those who are keen to make the difference but do not know the way!



Photo0082.jpgI participated in the Lavasa Women’s drive 2011 and believe me it was an experience in itself.

The cause of the drive last year was for creating awareness about Breast Cancer and messaging it through out the drive.

Lavasa Women's Drive salutes the multiple facets of the woman – the fact that she is confident, independent, enterprising, spirited, dynamic, adventurous and has a penchant for social causes.

The Lavasa Women’s Drive, hereafter known simply as the ‘Drive’ or the ‘Event’, runs in Time/Speed/Distance (TSD) format on a non-cumulative basis, and will run in compliance with the International Sporting Code (and its appendices).


The drive was from Golibar maidan to Lavasa a distance of about 60 Kms. I did a few weekend sessions driving and at time navigating (and counting the speed breakers 27 to be precise). I drove the distance in a go in less than an hour otherwise, but on the day, the Time Distance and Speed control got me to Lavasa in 2 hours 30 minutes. The start was exuberant with the flag off being held at Golibar Maidan. In the parking lineup we saw each car which was decorated! With the most meaningful messages that I have ever seen, talking about breast cancer awareness, global warming, spreading awareness for the dignity of women and for the Save the Girl Child apart from a few floral decorations and a few protective decorations like the military outfit to the car!




All in all the stage was set with a lot of celebrities walking in to flag off the cars for the first time from Pune and everyone was so excited. Apart from all the causes, guess it is known as the only such Rally in the entire world. Last year it was a 2011 ladies coming together and share the same cause. The drive, mind you is not easy, as Lonavla too is 60 kms but it’s on the expressway! This drive is uphill with a lot of steep turns, but serene all the way.


The drive was exciting with super duper volunteers/marshals (mostly Senior members of WIA) who were at secret checkpoints along the road constantly encouraging us and exchanging a brief chat over for the moment! The road was tough towards the end past the dam but we had remembered every significant landmark.


We were just followed by paparazzi ! in the real sense and Lavasa media all throughout the drive taking quick bytes about the drive and experience from us and we had a fantastic time. On reaching we were given a traditional welcome by the organizers and had a great time interacting with so many women from Pune, since Mumbai folks had a longer drive. There were several surprises like games and dance and several NGO stalls and besides we also could get ourselves clicked at the PNG stall with the makeup which brought instant shine to our tired faces and wearing the most expensive pieces from PNG jewelers who were the Food and beverage partners.


The drive back was good again with memories filled with the preparation and the morning drive making us want to participate again.



And this year watchout for more action from BMC Pune we have Dipti Gokhale, Babita Goel, Mrinalini Wankhede, Seema Joshi and Vaishali Kasturi.


This year we are supporting the cause of Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in Women and to know that it can be prevented.

The LWD2012 on 26th Feb will be fagged off from the VITS hotel, Pune


To get a glimpse of the last year:


I still remember the Parent Teacher Meetings in school - my eyes were constantly fixed to the door of my classroom, anxiously waiting for my Mom to meet my teachers, so that my teachers could give an update on how wonderful a student I am. I took great pride in showing my Mom my classroom, the library and the science labs, no matter how basic. I felt great pride as I walked down the aisles of the school building with her by my side.


Quite ironically, the same sense of pride prevails when I do the same with my kids. When the teachers talk about my kids accomplishments, my chest fills up with pride as if I had something to do with them being so smart.


Strangely enough, these interactions slow down and eventually stop as the kids get older. But the parents never stop caring about the welfare of their kids... Its just that the opportunities for parents to visit the kids in their environment after they grow up, stop appearing.


First, because the kids in their teenage and early youth, do not necessarily want to share what they do with their parents on a regular basis. I cannot make that statement without quoting Mark Twain - "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man learned in seven years" :-).


Then, when the kids grow up and WANT to share their excitement and pride with their parents, either they are no longer in the same city as their parents, or they work for companies that do not care enough to invite the parents to share these sentiments with them.


The parents want to know that their kids are in safe hands - the company has a bright future, resulting in a bright future for their kids, and perhaps a sense of security in their golden years.


We, at BMC Software decided to introduce the tradition of inviting parents to our offices. We laid out the red carpet for them and educated them on what the company does. We showed them our world class facilities, talked about what makes us the best/most employee-friendly company to work for, entertained them through song and dance performances - we even played games with them while giving away several gifts.


The parents left highly elated and feeling the respect and pride they deserved, but perhaps nowhere close to the feeling of pride our employees felt to have their parents in our offices.


I personally felt blessed to have had the opportunity to host the parents. A company that receives so many blessings from elders can only continue successfully on its journey to greatness.


Check out some moments from the event from our Facebook album.


There are moments when you are touched by instances you wished you could do more.

It could be interruption by an elderly lady begging at a traffic light or a sight of street children playing on the pavement when you go to drop your children to school. And hundreds of such images we absorb through TV, newspaper and the web. A collage of images of people in our country in need of our help and support. Those humbling moments make us realize the abundance we are blessed with and leaves us with a thought, a teasing Question:

God, I should do something, what should I do?


Certainly the inertia of feeling too inadequate to affect anything substantial is too great, and we are mostly correct about it; but the thought dosen't leave us in an easy spot either. And if it is thoughts and memories and feelings that really make up our existence, we'd want them to be memorable, we'd want us to be proud of ourselves and we want to be affecting positive change in the times we live in - isn't it?


The answer to world's greatest problems lies in TEAMWORK.

There's a beautiful definition:


And here in BMC Software India great teamwork is a part of our everyday. Be it to research on the next offering of our amazing products and solutions or streamline our internal processes and costs there is a general hum of collaboration through the BMC corridoors, hallways and meeting rooms. And it is through the proven techniques of this Teamwork, BMC offers us a chance to answer the profound question we carry within ourselves - to be a better human being, to be someone of significance to our society.


Within it's vision of Virtualization as a technology, BMC also exclusively focuses on Real human emotions and bringing a positive shift in the society. It's an exciting and alive work culture where the BMC India leaders are passionate about this focus implementing countless initiatives - The result is, the entire organization of people are encouraged to join hands in one or the other of many current projects on the table. There could be a personal threshold of procrastination but beyond that there is constant activity and the number of hands keep increasing


Sometimes it is not even money but just an exchange of warmth, and in many cases even all the resources in the world would look like a speck in front of the challenge. But the good thing is, there is a hum around this place and this caravan is moving on... and today when we look back, we see the ground we've covered, we can look back at some of those memories which make us proud, very, very proud.

BMC India CSR Yearbook


This is our chance to have a positive answer to the thought of being too small, to inadequate to be able to make a difference; This is our time to join hands and take steps together towards becoming that individual of responsibility and significance we all would love to be.


Click 'Join this group' option on the right Actions panel on your page to be a part of this movement!

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