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Are you a user of Control-M Managed File Transfer? Do you want to know how Control-M Managed File Transfer provides an intuitive graphical user interface that gives you instant visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers with a dashboard view?


Here comes an exciting education offering for you.


We are happy to announce that the Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Managed File Transfer Administering course is now available for BMC customers and partners.


This one-day instructor-led training (ILT) course talks about how to:

  • Transfer a file to and from remote to local servers
  • Transfer a file between SFTP servers
  • Install Control-M MFT
  • Deploy file transfer to agents
  • Configure Control-M MFT
  • Define connection endpoints
  • Monitor files transfer activity
  • MFT Enterprise Architecture Overview
  • Install B2B Gateway
  • Configure B2B Hub
  • Configure Users for Gateway
  • Configure Virtual Folders
  • Define Rules
  • Use the B2B Gateway to transfer files


For more details about the Course Abstract and Registration, please check: Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Managed File Transfer Administering - BMC Software


Many thanks to everyone who helped us develop this course.



Jon Rendle Dirk Braune Geoffrey Bergren Nidhi Gupta Mridul Ghosh Wendel Bordelon Jim Stephens Siddharth Mahabal Rafael de Rojas Bhavana Kshirsagar