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Consider the following typical business scenario:


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Effective operation management is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving business. IT operations must keep applications, infrastructure, middleware, and services up and running to support key business processes.

BMC TrueSight Operations Management is unique performance and availability management solution that goes beyond monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT intelligence. This can help to resolve issues before they impact the business.

Additionally, BMC TrueSight Operations Management provides application-aware infrastructure monitoring IT Operations, bringing together infrastructure and application monitoring in one integrated solution.

Operators play a crucial role in day-to-day product management. They need to monitor events, devices, event groups, work with dashboards, to address the performance monitoring and incident management for an IT Infrastructure.

BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.x: Fundamentals Operating training is specially designed for TSOM 11.x operators which covers all the exciting features of the product which are crucial for the operators. It's a 1-day training which contains many relevant labs which are useful for operators. For more information and details about registration, feel free to visit: Education COURSE page - BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.x: Fundamentals Operating - BMC Software