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Assisted Self-Paced Learning = Learning for All... Anywhere, Anytime !!!


" Flexibility in learning methodology " is the buzzword for quite some time now. From mouth watering recipes to rocking zumba sessions, everything can be learned in your own comfort zone, at the time suitable to you, and without the need attend a classroom session. That's why we asked ourselves, " why can't we take the training to the student, instead of requiring the student to attend a training? "


So here they are - two brand new assisted-self paced offerings for TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.x. Now you don't need to travel all the way, or sit in one class and complete all the lab exercises in one go. Register for learning, and complete it at your pace, anytime within the specified period. Not only that, for every day, you also get a half-an hour interaction with the instructor.


For more details access the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.x Learning Path.


To know more about the ASP modality, access the ASP Infographic and Assisted Self-Paced Program Guide.


Dirk Braune , Nidhi Gupta Maria Riccelli Giorgio Gasparini Pankaj Pansare Geoffrey Bergren Kristen Linehan Anjali Chauhan Vishal Saxena Stefano Visconti