You may have seen David Gai’s blog, describing our own transformation here at BMC when it comes to building out our professional services, known as BMC Customer Success. From a Support Services perspective, I wanted to share some insights into where we’re going, and what thoughts you have, as our BMC technical community.


We have quite literally turned our world upside down to adapt to your new ways of working. From reversing how support expertise is accessed, to investing in new knowledge search technologies, to evolving our advanced support programs, there is little we have not changed in the past year.


First, let me ask you -- how often do you log a support case? We hope you never have to. Ultimately, you should rarely have to need us!


My favorite story is a customer who told us he watched one of our BladeLogic Upgrade Support videos so many times, he started speaking in an Irish accent, just like the video’s presenter (who happened to be Irish). Because it was concise, informational, and accelerated in describing what to expect in the upgrade, he had everything he needed without any extra steps.


Just like our everyday world has turned to search and self-service, our BMC technical expertise is becoming more readily accessible for you to easily find, before you ever need to log a case. World class support should eliminate the majority of issues before you invest any more time or log-in steps. Our recent revamp of BMC Support Central is just the beginning.


Moving to Collaboration and Swarming


When I mentioned turning the world upside down, our most significant shift is evolving from an hierarchical Support organization to one that positions our sharpest BMC expertise closest to the customer. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a call back or referral to another Support rep, for an issue that can be resolved in minutes if you have the right information or right expert at hand.


While no small undertaking, we have worked hard to break down traditional first and second level Support hierarchies. Instead, we are building a collaboration and swarming approach to solving problems. If a customer cannot be provided with useful answers quickly, we huddle with a small team first. Chances are, a bright new person in the group or a seasoned veteran has an idea, or has seen this situation before.


Not only do we get that expert front and center with the customer more quickly with this approach, but we also document the problem description precisely and share the information back on Support Central. The next time around, we hopefully avoid your need to even open a ticket.


The Power to Search and Find BMC Answers


But self-service only works if you have robust and responsive digital tools in place, and that’s another area where we are transforming. Even if you don’t know a problem description, simply type in your thoughts on Support Central using your own words (for example, “Remedy Japanese support”). Our search will already start mapping and scanning your language to terms and topics that might relate (for example, “Migrating SRD, PDT and AOT in Japanese”).


This experience is continually improving, and we are investing in world-class best practices in two areas to make this self- service experience fantastic:


  1. Our recent investment in enterprise search helps us make these natural language search connections faster.
  2. New content added frequently to Support Central in multiple formats, including YouTube videos, blog posts and Webinars. Content is also shared across multiple channels, like these technical communities.


As we compile your Support Central search terms and questions, and review common search mappings, we have better visibility into what’s causing you pain. And that helps us set up our next set of content programs for self-serve.


A good example is our Connect With Webinar series. When we saw a surge in questions about upgrading to Remedy 9, we brought BMC R&D and technical training instructors together to host a Connect With Webinar about the topic.


Over 900 people attended that Webinar live, and thousands have since watched the replay. For those times you want to interact live with an expert, but without the urgency around a Support ticket, the live Q&A format helps. But at 2AM, if something unexpected happens and you need to learn more, just search for the replay.


BMC’s Customer Success Ecosystem


Since we are part of a larger Customer Success organization continually improving in its own right, there are even more ways your BMC Support experience helps you succeed with BMC technologies. Through our freshly updated BMC Excellence Delivery Methodology, we connect BMC consultants with technical Support and Education trainers, as part of our defined services process. We feed our same search tool information to BMC Education teams, as they develop course schedules, for example.


Customers of BMC Premier Support, our highest support tier, know that their BMC Consulting engagement experience is brought back into BMC Support, so we are familiar with their technologies and unique technical environment. This is also worked into our standard BMC Excellence methodology.


Have you had a positive experience with our Support team or any of the capabilities I described here? What do you think is working best? Are there more innovative technologies and approaches you want us to adopt, to make us your benchmark for world-class support? Please share your comments below.


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