In the 15 months since we joined BMC Education Services, we have gained some interesting insights

worth sharing with this community. We know many of you have passed our toughest exams and

frequently share your knowledge in these forums -- thank you for your efforts.


By now we hope you are aware of the strategic vision articulated by David Gai, president of BMC

Customer Success, to understand Digital Enterprise Management and how we are reorienting

professional services at BMC. What about BMC Education? How can we help you reach your business

goals, and provide offerings to ensure every customer’s success?


First, let’s share one of the most surprising side effects of professional technical training. By surprising,

we mean that our customers don’t often anticipate this benefit, even though BMC educators experience

it time and again across our global customer base.


That side effect is motivation.


Every time we complete a classroom course, or a web-based training post-class survey goes out, the

feedback is clear – trained students want to use their new skills. They gain capabilities they never knew

about before taking formal training, and they want to leverage and share their new knowledge.


What happens next? Typically their motivation results in finding or creating “cool” projects to work on to

push their organizations forward into the digital era. Has this ever happened to you? What training did
you take, and what project or innovation did it prompt? (Share comments further below).


The second side effect we notice after training is contagious enthusiasm.


There is nothing more empowering to your employees than continually asking a colleague a question,

and always getting a helpful answer. Suddenly more employees realize they can also learn and have the

answers, just like that colleague.


A highly trained individual sets the tone for the entire team. One superstar encourages another dozen

high achievers. Have you noticed this in teams you have been a part of (or maybe you are the

trend-setting superstar)?


The last side effect is actually not a side effect at all, but serves as our entire mission at BMC Education

Services. It’s the metric likely showing up in your project plans and executive report-outs, and it’s not
surprising at all. It is the adoption of technology across your organization, from sys admins to end users.


How many people are more productive with your new BMC tools and leveraging the new processes it

streamlines, instead of working around them? How much of your business is taking advantage of the

full potential of BMC technology and improving because of it?


We see technology adoption happen more quickly and comprehensively, with customers realizing far

greater business value, when teams have formal training. For those of you who have attempted a new

solution roll-out without skilled personnel or trained users, we have a feeling you know exactly what we



No matter what course delivery method you use to consume your training credits, the ultimate goal is

to help your company adopt and leverage BMC technologies to most positively impact key business

metrics. Our recent State of Oregon case study speaks to impacting a major company initiative like
cyber security by starting with trained teams. The State of Oregon leveraged onsite, in-person training

to help staff get maximum value from their recent upgrade, which tripled staff productivity. Training

delivered at ETS facilities meant more staff members could participate in live classes while minimizing
travel costs.


Bite-Size Learning Trends


But there is more news about BMC Education worth sharing. In today’s world of instant gratification

and pressure to find immediate answers, learning is happening in different ways. We have made sure

to evolve BMC curriculum to support these changing needs.


This includes breaking up large knowledge sets into more bite-size learning modules, as we did with

Remedy 9 training, for example. We have also added brief videos on single topics -- even on

easy-to-use products -- because a searchable moving picture is worth a thousand words. In our BMC
course catalog
, you will find dozens of Web-based training (WBT) options, as well as Instructor-Led

training (ILT) in the classroom and online, to offer you variety and choice for how you learn and educate

your teams.


What has also changed is the need for guidance on navigating the wealth of available knowledge and

courseware. Amidst more searchable content and a multitude of content sources, we notice that BMC

students and partners greatly appreciate our Learning Paths and use them consistently to guide their

education. BMC Learning Paths designate what classes to take for which roles, and in what sequence,

to help your diligent studies culminate in true proficiency and mastery.


For those of you looking to validate your expertise or your team’s technical proficiency, we have recently

updated our world-class IT accreditations and certifications. BMC accreditation assessments and

certification exams prove your teams have the technical and support competencies needed to plan,
deploy, and support BMC solutions. They can also help you and your employees advance your careers.

And notice how quickly your implementations improve.


We will have more surprises for you in future blogs, but we hope these thoughts about our first fifteen

months are helpful to you. Of course, we want to hear your stories and feedback below, especially  about

how Education helped accelerate your success in adopting BMC technologies in your workplace. Share

your comments below.


Laurie Cremona Wagner & Elaine Miller

VP, BMC Education Services



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