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In the past, developers and consultants needed to take our Remedy Approved Consultant (RAC) certification to certify (ensure) they had the knowledge and skillset to effectively customize BMC Remedy AR System. Since that time, the Remedy platform has evolved and so have the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for assurance that your developer or consultant can not only administer your Remedy environment but can also customize Remedy applications, take a look at the current certifications BMC offers. In order to be proficient in both our out-of-the-box solutions and customizations, you need to look at the BMC Remedy AR System Training and the BMC Certifications and Accreditations paths.

The Remedy AR System certification offered today is a five-day training program where students are given customer requirements and asked to develop an application in four days.The training culminates in a certification exam on the fifth day. This certification is titled BMC
Certified Developer: BMC Remedy AR System
. In order to qualify for this training, students need to have knowledge of the most current version of Remedy ARS and be able to use best practices for developing a Remedy ARS application. The application the student develops is presented to a BMC instructor for review and critique prior to the final examination. 


Because the certification thoroughly tests the student’s knowledge and ability, there are prerequisite courses that must be completed before taking the BMC Certified Developer: BMC Remedy AR System certification course. These prerequisite courses teach students
best practices and will also simplify the concept of Overlays for students.


BMC Certifications in AR System and ITSM are open to any BMC customer. You don’t need to be a partner or consultant. We look forward to seeing you in class!