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Alderstone CMT provides the best and fastest way to migrate customer data from an on-premise Remedy ITSM application to BMC Helix in the Cloud.


Since the release of BMC Remedy 9.0, BMC has introduced several applications which support the core Remedy ITSM service, including:


  • SMART Reporting - enables an easy-to-use report capability for BMC Remedy ITSM end users and engineers
  • SMART IT - enables a next-generation user experience for engineers using the Remedy ITSM platform
  • Digital Workplace - enables a next-generation user experience for end-users
  • Digital Workplace Catalog - extends the core Digital Workplace experience to provide a catalog of requestable services which can be fulfilled in Remedy ITSM or across a range of other solutions


Each of these applications has its own data store which is separate from the core Remedy ITSM data.


BMC provide a range of tools for migrating the data directly between databases when performing on-premise Remedy ITSM upgrades. However, these tools require simultaneous connectivity to the old and new data stores and are not suitable for migration to BMC Helix.


We’re pleased to announce that Alderstone now supports migration of all of the data for each of these applications directly to BMC Helix without a direct connection required. This new capability ensures a seamless migration experience for your stakeholders with no data loss or business disruption.


This significant enhancement accelerates the speed of migration to Helix and reduces the complexity of the migration. All of your configuration settings and application data are migrated as-is and are effectively upgraded to the latest version on BMC Helix as part of the migration process.



Supported Versions

Migration Method

SMART Reporting


Direct to Latest Version



Direct to Latest Version

Digital Workplace

19.08 onwards*

Direct to Latest Version

Digital Workplace Catalog

3.5 onwards

Migrate & Upgrade


*Please contact Alderstone Support ( if migrating Digital Workplace for any versions earlier than 19.08 to BMC Helix.


For full details of the Alderstone migration capability and process for migrating this data to BMC Helix, please refer to our comprehensive user guide which can be obtained from the Alderstone CMT Knowledge base


If you don’t have access to this resource, or have any queries about this exciting new feature then please mail us at