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Alderstone are excited to present the second in a series of technical demonstrations of our ServiceNow to BMC Helix migration capability using Alderstone CMT.


This video showcases our ability to migrate the complex Change and CMDB data from ServiceNow, including in-flight approvals.

The ability to move historical and in-flight data enables ServiceNow customers to move to a richer, lower-cost iTSM solution on BMC Helix without disrupting business operations and without data loss. This seamless migration makes the transition easier for end users and engineers to manage without impacting business productivity.


In this demonstration we will use Alderstone CMT to migrate all Foundation, Change and CMDB data from a developer ServiceNow instance to BMC Helix.


  • in Servicenow we log a Change with three tasks, which will impact a complex SAP Service in ServiceNow, and which has an open approval
  • Then, we use Alderstone CMT to migrate the data to Helix
  • After the migration and transformation with CMT, we then login as a migrated user and then review and approve the in-flight CAB approval, including a conflict in the change calendar
  • Finally we review the CMDB data to prove that all of the CI details and relationships are correctly migrated to BMC Helix


Alderstone CMT enables you to migrate all of your data from ServiceNow to Helix.


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