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CMT 2.5 is a consolidated patch release bringing together a fresh new look for the application with an emphasis on stability and long term supportability.

As part of this release, we have addressed over 50 minor issues, mostly concerning some UI niggles and edge cases for data migration.


However, the development team have not been resting on their laurels. While the main focus for our development team is currently the 3.0 release which will add support for ServiceNow and Sybase based Remedy systems as a source, based on feedback from our consultants in the field and from our partner community, we have added a number of small enhancements from 3.0 into this release to address some of the niggles encountered on real projects.


  • Updated Workbench for Alderstone's 10th Anniversary Rebranding
  • Reimport failed for Cancelled Jobs and Incremental Imports
  • Allow SID or ServiceName to be used for Oracle System connections
  • Exported versus Imported view now available when migrating to Helix or between two different instances of CMT
  • Multi-Threaded Staging
  • Data Enrichment Enhancements
  • Able to select a Join Form as the primary Form for a Source or Target Data Enrichment
  • Data Enrichment Field Limit of 10 for mapping enrichment increased to 20
  • Able to map a field in a data enrichment to NULL
  • NLS Sort Parameter for use when exporting from Oracle databases with Case Insensitivity
  • Incremental Import now shows a list of all Form Deletions applied by Delete Checking
  • Negative Number Sorting working correctly for Form Count Reconciliation
  • Prevent export without the character set defined for the system.


Existing customers can download the upgrade from Alderstone FTP site using your usual login or by contacting us at


Please contact us at for more information.