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TUI Group had a business requirement to merge an existing BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1 system into their larger ITSM 9.1 Production system. By sharing a common process and data this would result in savings on infrastructure and software licenses as well reducing total cost of ownership.

Upgrading to the latest Remedy ITSM 9.1 would allow them to benefit from BMC Digital Service Management functionality such as MyIT, SmartIT and Smart Reporting.


What is Consolidation?

Consolidation is the process of merging one or more BMC Remedy ITSM systems together. All users and integrations of the old Remedy systems will use the new consolidated Remedy system.



This process is technically complex and logistically challenging. However, a successful consolidation can result in significant cost savings and operational benefits. Please see our Remedy System Consolidation - An Introduction for more details on the benefits and challenges of Remedy system Consolidation.




The Challenge: Short timescales, impossible technical challenges

The TUI 8.1 Production system had over 100 ITSM companies to be merged with the 200 companies on the existing BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1 Production environment.

This meant that TUI had to consolidate over 300 ITSM Companies and ensure everything functioned flawlessly without any business disruption.

As experienced users of BMC ITSM, TUI use almost all modules of the ITSM suite and understood the risks to their business if this consolidation was not successful.

After starting the consolidation project TUI identified a number of technical challenges associated with merging multiple Remedy Systems using the legacy Remedy data migration tools which they were unable to overcome using the legacy Remedy data migration tools, these included;


Poor Performance

Using legacy API tools, it would have taken TUI a minimum of 21 days to perform a one-off data migration of the data and it was essential to the business that TUI migrated all this data. Without the ability to transfer data rapidly TUI would have needed to abandon their data causing significant business & operational impact.


Identifer Clashes

In both of the TUI systems, a large proportion of Ticket Numbers, Request IDs and Group IDs clashed with records held in the other system. Merging this data without reconciling these unique keys would result in unrecoverable loss of data, compromising data integrity, and security; and ultimately impact the viability of the core Remedy system. Legacy tools are unable to translate these unique identifiers and could not be used for consolidation.



The Solution: Alderstone CMT

With only 3 months remaining to complete the project TUI discovered Alderstone CMT.

TUI were able to overcome the technical challenges and meet their project deadline. CMT enabled TUI to migrate all of their ITSM data very quickly with no data loss or clashes. This ensured a smooth consolidation, a successful go live and no service impacting issue. TUI were able to realise the following benefits with CMT:

  • Upgrade of all ITSM modules directly to BMC ITSM v9.1
  • All data transformation performed by CMT to enable a successful consolidation
  • Only taking across customizations that were needed ensuring a clean ITSM system
  • Drastically reduced migration time and effort
  • No post migration issues after go-live ensuring a smooth transition for the business with no impact on operations


Quick Start

The CMT solution was also easy to install and get up and running with minimal training. This allowed TUI to save time as well as cost needing only a minimal amount of consultancy from Alderstone. This was key to ensuring the project was delivered on time and within the allocated budget.


No Change Freeze

No data change freeze was required during the upgrade process. However, conventional tools do not support migration of the data from all ITSM modules and require manual migration of some modules early in the upgrade process. Changes to the data model were not permitted during the project.




Technical Q & A

What would you say was the biggest benefit of using CMT for your consolidation?

For me the biggest benefits were of course the time savings in comparison to BMC’s migration tool. As well as that the ability to react to changes in data model/structure was a great benefit, CMT gave us the ability to map IDs and field content to prevent data collision and inconsistencies. Those issues had spoiled our first migration attempts with BMC default migration tool, with CMT this was no longer an issue.


How did you find CMT to use?

Really, I found it very nice, instead of reading many documents, how to configure and edit manually those BMC XML migration files, CMT was kind of self-explaining. It has a very easy to use user interface and understandable migration process. Any questions I had were quickly dealt with by Alderstone’s team.


Would you use CMT again?

Absolutely, CMT did a great job and we at TUI were very happy with the product.




Customer Satisfaction


"Alderstone’s CMT software was exactly what we needed to ensure a successful project. Additionally, Alderstone were careful to minimise their consultancy costs and ensured we completed the project under budget."

Ulrich Eggert, Team Coordinator & Senior Consultant, TUI Group

Andreas Wagner.png

"Alderstone CMT was very simple to learn, with an intuitive interface and easy to use.  This simplicity allowed me to concentrate on the business requirements and transformations rather than struggling with unfamiliar software"

Andreas Wagner, Senior Consultant, TUI Group


Technica Q & A



To find out more about how Alderstone CMT can enable you to consolidate your Remedy systems please contact us at  or mail us directly at