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Remedy ITSM upgrades for Capgemini outsourcing’s customers were challenging. The complex upgrade process combined with resource-constraints resulted in long change freezes and a high frequency of post go-live issues. Customer perceptions of the service were negatively impacted.

Capgemini used Alderstone CMT to simplify the upgrade process and deliver an on-time, on-budget, ‘non-event’ upgrade for a customer, regarded as a major success by both the customer and account executives.



The Challenge: Long running, expensive upgrades, unhappy customers


Capgemini outsourcing provide BMC Remedy ITSM as a component of managed services to their customers. However, the conventional BMC Remedy ITSM upgrade process used by Capgemini was not working. The standard Remedy ITSM upgrade process was impacting the customer’s daily operations and costs.


  • Long running upgrade projects and difficult-to-manage change freezes lasting several months resulted in customer frustration at not being able to effectively use the service
  • Unexpected issues occurred during and after the project due to silent failures during the upgrade process
  • A high number of post-go-live issues required high levels of support and caused business disruption for the customer
  • Resource-intensive data synchronization using DDM

Customer satisfaction was frequently impacted by a Remedy ITSM upgrade, consequently upgrades were repeatedly postponed, particularly for sensitive clients.



The Solution:  transform the upgrade process using Alderstone CMT

Capgemini purchased Alderstone CMT to support a programme of consolidation and upgrades across their Global outsourcing division. Using Alderstone CMT, Capgemini were able to implement an alternative upgrade methodology for the upgrade of their customer’s BMC Remedy ITSM on-premise system that avoided the challenges of the conventional Copy & Upgrade approach.


Alderstone CMT enabled Capgemini to use the Fresh Install & Migrate methodology that has the following key benefits

  • Significantly reduced change freeze and impact on the customer
  • Simpler, cheaper and less resource intensive upgrade process
  • Fewer post-go-live issues

Rather than taking a copy of the existing system and upgrading it, Capgemini were able to rapidly build a standard out-of-the-box ITSM 8.1 system and transfer the customizations being used by the customer. This not only reduced the duration of the application change freeze to just two weeks, with a very limited scope and no impact to CMDB reconciliation, but also resulted in a clean and stable application platform.

This compared very favourably to the previous experience of silent and unpredictable failures during the upgrade process, post-go-live issues, and change freezes lasting several months.

Despite resource constraints for both the customer and Capgemini teams the upgrade was delivered using the new methodology on-time and to-budget and required no additional post-go-live support effort



Project Analysis

As with most real-world projects, this customer’s upgrade is not the perfect template for an ITSM upgrade project. Common issues such as customer resource constraints, production support and architecture issues impacted the timeline.

To provide a fair comparison, we contrasted the timeline and activities for the customer’s upgrade using the same Fresh Install & Migrate methodology with just one difference; substituting the conventional data migration tool (BMC DDM) instead of Alderstone CMT to perform the data migration.

Capgemini’s customer went live on BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1 in mid-July 2015, using the conventional BMC data migration tools the go-live would have been early-December 2015, a difference of over five months.


ComparisonDDM CMTReduction% Reduction
Overall Time To Live20310210150%
Change Freeze Duration1671015794%
Data Migration Effort1672014788%
Project Management Effort21010910148%

All durations are shown in working days


Alderstone CMT is able to migrate all data for all ITSM modules meaning that little to no change freeze is required during the upgrade process. However, conventional tools do not support migration of the data from all ITSM modules and require manual migration of some modules early in the upgrade process. Consequently a change freeze must be imposed at a very early stage.

The impact and challenges of managing an eight month change freeze on the user community should not be underestimated. In the worst case scenario, it may be necessary to restart an in-flight project due to a failure to adhere to an onerous change freeze.






Data Migration Performance

Alderstone CMT migrated the entire customer’s Remedy data set of 68 million Remedy records in less than ten hours.

Using the conventional BMC Remedy tools this would have taken 3 months running 24 x 7 to perform the initial migration, after which time the data would have been three months out of date, requiring additional catch-up data migrations to complete the same task.

The data migration of 18 million Remedy records during the cutover weekend was completed within 4 hours, performing the same migration with conventional BMC Remedy tools would have required an 24 day outage.

For a typical upgrade it is necessary to perform multiple “catch- up” or “delta” data migrations to ensure that data is up to date for testing and that the go-live outage time is kept to a reasonable limit. However, the customer’s upgrade was performed with only one delta data migration to ensure that during cutover, data could be migrated within a four hour window. Alderstone CMT significantly reduced the overall effort and complexity.


Data Migration
BMC Legacy ToolsAlderstone CMTImprovement with CMT
Full Data Migration3 months10 hours99.6% Reduction
Cutover Data Migration24 days4 hours

99.3% Reduction



Customer Satisfaction
rdeblock headshot.png

"Our cutover was incredibly smooth and fast, and the go-live has been a success with both end users and engineers with no service impacting issues. Using Alderstone CMT has resulted in this major upgrade being a non-event and our customer and account teams are delighted"

Roger Deblock, Technical Lead, Capgemini


"Initially, we couldn't believe that Alderstone CMT could deliver everything that was promised, it just seemed too good to be true, However we were delighted to find that the results really did match the marketing...this thing really works!"

John Lantouris, Project Manager, Capgemini

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