BSA: blcli command "Utility populateServerGrpforLIveReporting" fails, unable to find find stored procedure LOAD_LIVE_REPORT_GROUP_DEVICE

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    Executing the BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) blcli command Utility populateServerGrpforLIveReporting fails.  The command reports and error message similar to:

    Command execution failed. Could not find stored procedure 'LOAD_LIVE_REPORT_GROUP_DEVICE'.



    The store procedure LOAD_LIVE_REPORT_GROUP_DEVICE is unable to be accessed or not present.


    The store procedure LOAD_LIVE_REPORT_GROUP_DEVICE we expect to be in place.  This should be created as part of the BSA schema, starting with BSA 8.8.  Or added if upgrading from an earlier BSA version.

    First verify if the store procedure LOAD_LIVE_REPORT_GROUP_DEVICE is present in the bladelogic database schema.  If present confirm that the BladeLogic database user has permissions to run the stored procedure. 

    If the stored procedure is not present, this may indicate a problem during the installation or upgrade of BSA.  If possible review the install or upgrade logs to verify.  For help created the stored procedure or determining what went wrong contact BMC Customer Support to review the details.

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