Client Management: How to connect to the master using the heavy console

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any BCM environment where SSL is enabled.


    How do I install and configure the console to connect to a master set to use SSL for communications?

    I installed the console from the installer and I am not able to connect to my master, although it's working when using the web start console.


    At the contrary of the web start console, the msi installer for the "heavy" console (in opposition to the web start console) doesn't integrate the relevant certificate to connect to the console, nor it requests for it. This implies to copy the certificate into the console installation folder to finish setting up the heavy console.

    Also this console will not auto update every time the master will be upgraded, implying it must be uninstalled then reinstalled in the newer version. Because of these two limitations, the web start console is the preferred method.

    1- Installation on the master:

    The wizard for the master installation also has an option to install the heavy console on the master at the same time:

    User-added image

    In this case the trusted certificate is managed by the installer itself and the following doesn't apply. More information on this process can be found here in the official 12.9 documentation (as an example).

    2- Installation on other devices:

    As mentioned in introduction, the msi installer for the heavy console doesn't integrate SSL certificates and these have to be installed manually in the console installation folder.

    A- Download the console binaries:

    The console can either be installed from the msi installer included in the BMC Client Management (BCM) master installer wizard or downloaded from the page https://_MASTER_:_CONSOLE_PORT_/console, where _MASTER_ is the hostname or ip of the master and _CONSOLE_PORT_ is the port configured for the console on the master, by default "1611":

    User-added image

    Once downloaded simply extract the files from the zip file that was just downloaded and run the .bat corresponding to the preferred language to install the console, e.g setup_fr.bat to run the wizard in french.

    More information here for 12.9, section B.

    B- Install the certificate:

    B1- Download the certificate from the /console page above

    The hotlink "SSL Certificate" was introduced in the latest versions only:

    User-added image

    Clicking on the question mark will lead to the documentation, here for 12.9, as an example. Have a look at section B-. As described in this doc the relevant certificate can also be download from the master by using this link: https://_MASTER_:_CONSOLE_PORT_:1611>/raw/1/cacert on older versions of the agent.

    B2- Get the certificate from the installation folder
    - Identify the name and location of the certificate for the master by following this other KA: Client Management: How to identify the certificate authority trusted by the master
    - Navigate to the directory where the heavy console was installed. By default this installed in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Console\ for Windows (this directory should contain a file named NumaraFootPrintsAssetCore.jar).
    - Create a folder named "certs" at the root of the ..\console folder (so it will be at the same level than "NumaraFootPrintsAssetCore.jar")
    - Navigate to the new folder named "certs" then create a sub-folder named "trusted" inside the certs folder
    - Copy the .crt file from the ..\bin\certs\auth of one of the agents (here the master) into the ..\Console\certs\trusted\ directory, e.g:

    User-added image

    3- Start a new console

    At the contrary of the web start console, when it is installed on a device other than the master, the "heavy" console does not install already configured to connect to the master. To connect to it, set:
    - the login and corresponding password of a user that exist in Global Settings > Administrators in the console. On premise, if it is the first time a console logs in the master the login is "admin" with no password.
    - the Server:Port to "_MASTER_:_CONSOLE_PORT_"
    - make sure "Secure Connection" is set to "Yes"

    User-added image

    - click "Login"

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