Incident not getting auto-resolved when BPPM event is closed

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    BMC Service Resolution


    We have configured BSR and ticketing is working fine but the incident is not getting resolved automatically when event is closed in BPPM.

    Environment Details: 
    BPPM 9.5 02 
    BSR 3.5.01 
    ITSM 9.1

    On HPD:Service Interface form, we saw that Incident status is "Assigned" instead of Resolved


    PLease follow the steps mentioned below and let me know if this fix this issue. 

    1) Open the filter 'HPD:ISI:EventLevel1_710_GetIncidentStatus"
    2) Create an overylay of the filter and change the mappaing of the set field action 

    from Incident_status = $status$


    status_incident = $status$

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