UDM job console error when server in server group is turned off

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    UDM, ARSystem, ITSM


       Running on ITSM 9.1 sp3 in a server group environment.   
    Turned several of the servers off to perform maintenance. However when the servers are turned off, you get the following message from the Data Management Pre Checker: 
    Check UDM plugin config
    The check could not query the server parameters: <servername>
    Please check if AR Server is running and is reachable on specified port 

    Please contact your Administrator.
    You will be redirected to the Home Page.



    This issue is rather not an issue but a failed precheck that Data Management Pre Checker does.

    Let me expand a little on what it actually does.  

      1.    First it does a select on servgrp_board table at the db level. (It does this to get a list of servers in the server group)  
      2.    Once it has the information above, there is workflow that fires to see if the servers can be pinged. (this is the check that you are failing at) 
    To get around this error, you have to "really take them out of the server group"   Here's to do this:   
    1.     Go to the DB and do a select on servgrp_board table. (select * from servgrp_board)  
    3.     Identify what rows of data reflect the servers that you want to take out of the server group and delete those rows. (Not to worry much here as upon restart when ready those servers will populate this form again). 
    5.     You will want to then go to servgrp_resources table and do a select as well (select * from servgrp_resources)   
    7.     Here you will want to do exactly the same thing as above, verify what rows reference the servers you want to remove and delete those rows of data.
      Visual Instructions 
      SELECT * FROM servgrp_board (you will see the below) 
      User-added image 
      * For the purpose of this demonstration we will assume that we need to remove server #2
      Let us assume that we will remove server 2 from the board table because that is the server that we know no longer needs to be here. You can delete this by typing in the following:  
      DELETE FROM servgrp_board WHERE servername = 'clm-aus-02'  
      After successfully completing these steps you should endup with a cleaned up servgrp_board table and the UDM pre-checker should no longer complain.  
      Note: Restarting servers that you are taking out of the server group will cause the above tables to repopulate and cause the same issue with UDM.  


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