Control-D: MSGCLASS (joblog) decollation (also known as job archiving) is too slow

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    all versions of Control-D


    MSGLASS decollation is too slow and as a result of this the number sysouts in this output class grows.


    inefficient set up of generic decollation for high workloads


    There are several points that are relevant for the performance of generic decollation.

    1. Number of decollation monitors:
    Up to 9 decollation monitors can be defined in a Control-D environment, all monitors can decollate from the same generic class.

    2. Setting of optional wish WD2012
    This optional wish sets the limit the number of jobs from generic classes that  will be processed after which the CONTROL-D Monitor
    will suspend Generic Decollation Mission processing and return to processing non-Generic Decollation Missions.  

    The default value is 8, but a value of 1000 or , in case there are no non-Generic Decollation Missions, 2000 is recommended here.

    3. PRINT/CDAM Parameter BLOCKS
     The number of BLOCKS  should be raised to 64000 in the PRINt/CDAM parameters of the generic decollation mission.

    4. Do not use any  "post-processing" statements like SHOUT WHEN NOTOK  in the decollation mission definition
    This can cause serious increasing elapsed time - if a Generic decollation does not have post-processing activity, the next one can begin just when the previous one ended. In case of post-processing, generic process has to wait for the end of this activity and only after that it can start the next mission.

    5. Bypass Tree Processing

    This is especially useful as the recipient is usually hard coded in such a mission.

    DO USER    = PROD                       LVL 20 LINE                        S N T B       SYNONYM =  

    The performance of generic decollation depends  on several things. All the mentioned points  improve the throughput,( by decreasing the elapsed time needed for the decollation of one sysout. If these recommendation do not help to make  MSGCLASS decollation fast enough, then open a case with BMC Customer Support and provide your decollation mission in binary format, your CTDPARM member and the IOALOG from one day. Tell us also the time period the slow performance was happening. 


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