ADDM/Discovery: Problems discovering Netapp devices running 8.2.3P2 in C-mode; getMACAddresses fails

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    BMC Discovery for Storage


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    BMC Discovery for Storage


    Discovery of Netapp Devices running 8.2.3P2 in C-mode fails on getMACAddresses.  The Discovery access may show:
    NoAccess (StorageDevice identification failure - no mac addresses)

    You may see the following in the tw_svc_discovery.log:

    140593439962880: 2016-05-04 12:25:30,087: discovery.device: DEBUG: StorageDevice_i::getMACAddresses() for - Expected exception raised (this is for tracing purposes only)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./", line 150, in callProxy
    File "./", line 908, in getMACAddresses
    File "./", line 235, in metaDataWrapper



    The tables where Discovery looks for MAC addresses return 0 rows.


    Previous issues have been noted with this release of Netapp (8.2.3P2 in C-mode);

    Our recommendation is to upgrade the Operating System on the Netapp Devices to a later version and rescan once this has been done.

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