ADDM: getInterfaceList returns status of UNKNOWN_PythonException for some HP/UX hosts

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    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping



    On discovery of some HPUX B.11.31 ia64 v3 hosts, getInterfaceList returns status of "UNKNOWN_PythonException".

    The session log shows that the getInterfaceList commands were executed. The lanadmin command returns output like:

    begin-interface: 1
    The link is down. The speed and other link state information
    are undefined. The configuration specified for this card is:
    Speed = 1 Mbps.
    Autonegotiation = On.
    end-interface: 1

    The tw_svc_discovery.log has these errors:

    1176840512: 2012-12-13 08:53:53,056: discovery.device: CRITICAL: Host_i::getInterfaceList() for xx.xx.xx.xx - UNEXPECTED EXCEPTION
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./", line 153, in callProxy
      File "./", line 306, in getInterfaceList
      File "./", line 384, in getInformation
      File "./", line 910, in queryInterfaceList
      File "./", line 832, in doQuery
      File "./", line 168, in parseIfconfigOutput
      File "./", line 102, in parseLanadminOutput
      File "./", line 110, in matchTemplateToDicts
      File "./", line 125, in toListOfDicts
    ConversionError: lists not the same length




    Legacy ID:KA386436


    The regex matching in the parser is assuming the "Duplex" keyword must be present in the "lanadmin" command output which is not the case.


    Defect DRUD1-14487 was submitted and a fix is included in ADDM 10.0.




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