Service Broker Links not opening in another tab

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    MyIT Service Broker


    Service Broker 3.4.00 version only


    Part 1
    1.) Login to Digital Workplace Catalog- http://servername:8008/myitsbe/login
    2.) Create a service or use any existing service.
    3.) Go to Catalog Profile>> and in the Description add a link -example

    Part 2
    1.) Now got to Workflows and Questions
    2.) Edit the Question area pick Description field into the page and add link into this field.

    Save and publish the Service

    Go to MyIT and click on the link from catalog description area or link added into the question.

    Actual Results:
    You will notice the link opens in the same tab of the browser

    Expected Results:
    It should open the link in different tab of the browser


    This is identified as Defect # DRMY1-7142.
    The hot-fix is attached below to this article to resolve the issue.

    NOTE: We always recommend to take all necessary backups before replacing or applying fix files and always verify this in test or lower environment first.

    NOTE: Once fix is applied the links in the workflow questionnaire should be RE-ADDED to reflect fix changes.

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    Solutions to a Product Problem

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